These are the news that Nintendo has announced for 2021 News Spain

Yesterday we had the opportunity to enjoy a live that took place by Nintendo. It was a lot of expectation generated, Especially since it was 2 years since we had had the opportunity to enjoy one.

And finally the mystery was revealed, the Nintendo news for this 2021 They have been revealed with many changes. But not all users have been satisfied, as there is a feeling that the changes are not as juicy as expected. Is there more makeup than anything else?

Nintendo is Super Mario

Perhaps the most substantial thing came from the hand of Mario Golf: Super Rush. A novelty that we can enjoy in 4 months, specifically, andJune 25. Nintendo will continue to exploit the vein that this character’s adventures represent. There is less and less for us to enjoy Mario with a golf club in our hands.

Classics: face lift

Nintendo Switch is one of the devices that has managed to fall in love with those looking for different experiences. In the live we could see that the Japanese form as Secret of mana or Famicom Detective Club. The arrival of Ninja gaiden. These remasters are a certain incentive, but they are not changes in depth, something that has been attributed to Nintendo for a long time. Another novelty is Full Guys, which comes to Switch this summer, which is warm.

On the other hand, Ghosts’n Goblins Resurrection It will be available from the 25th of this month. This classic has not stopped having a pull among the most veteran.

Zelda Skyward Sword, a classic that this year celebrates a decade since it appeared for Nintendo Wii, arrives on July 16. New functionalities, such as the version adapted to the special Joy-Con motion controls.

However, a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But there was no trace, with which the fans were not very satisfied.

In short, Nintendo news for 2021 they were nothing to write home about: conservative mentality, with nothing to stand out for. Live on income? At Nintendo they seem to have taken a path in which they continue to exploit the vein of their classic games, but little else. Something disappointing on which much hope was cast.