These are the new titles that Nintendo has announced in its Direct

This Wednesday the first Nintendo direct of the year, a key event in which the Japanese company presents the next news. It is also the first since September 2019, so the expectation was total.

The event started at 11pm (Spanish time), lasted about 50 minutes and could be followed live on the Nintendo Spain YouTube channel. In it they have been kept awake multitude of surprises for Nintendo Switch usersFrom what’s new in games already available on the console to the list of titles that will arrive soon.

News and new titles for Nintendo Switch

Next, we review the news and new titles that have been announced this Wednesday in the first Nintendo Direct of the year.

The most imminent

– The company has announced the ‘Hyrule Warriors: Age of Cataclysm’ Expansion Pass, which is already available at a recommended price of 19.99 euros.

– For those of the old school, after tonight’s presentation it has also been released ‘Capcom Arcade Stadium‘, a new collection with 32 varied and action-packed classics.

– Crossover between ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ Y Mario. Yes: as of February 25, customization items featuring characters from the saga, such as Mario, Luigi or Toad, will arrive in the hit game for free.

The Mario universe will sneak into ‘Animal Crossing’.


– ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘will receive next March as new characters to Pyra Y Mythra, both from one of the most revolutionary games of recent years, ‘Xenoblade Chronicles 2‘.


‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ incorporates Pyra and Mythra, from ‘Xenoblade Chronicles 2’.


– ‘Stubbs the Zombie‘will arrive on March 16. “Stubbs’s brain-eating adventure takes him through bustling business districts and green farmlands to battle mad scientists, rural militiamen, and the world’s deadliest barber quartet,” reads the game’s description.

– More zombies with ‘Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Full Edition‘. It is the third title in the saga within the shooter side, which includes multiplayer or cooperative battles mixing the popcorn universe. It will arrive on March 19.

– On March 19 the physical version of ‘Hades‘, with the soundtrack and more bonuses.

– Secondly, ‘Tales From The Borderlands‘will arrive on Nintendo Switch for the first time on March 24.


– ‘Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir‘ Y ‘The Girl Who Stands Behind‘will arrive on Nintendo Switch on March 14 and you can get them in a single package.

– On May 21 comes the launch of ‘Miiverse‘, the social game starring your Miis in which you can customize your characters and maintain friendly relationships with other Mii to strengthen your bonds and overcome JRPG-code missions.

– ‘Knockout City‘will also be available on March 21. It is a competitive online game under the EA Originals label.

– From the creators of ‘Danganronpa’ comes May 28 ‘World End’s Club‘. “12 12-year-olds undertake a journey of 1,200 km. A new kind of action-adventure game that fuses a thrilling story with 2D side-scrolling action, ”reads the game’s introduction.

– The game will arrive on the hybrid console on June 4 ‘DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power‘.

– Remasters have also been announced. June 10 will arrive ‘Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection‘, remastering that includes the first three’ Ninja Gaiden ‘in Sigma version.


‘Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection’ arrives June 10 on Nintendo Switch.



– Another remastering: ‘Legend of mana‘. The classic will arrive next June on Nintendo Switch. It is a visual ‘remake’ with updated graphics and re-recorded musical arrangements for the occasion. The original PlayStation 1 title is the fourth installment in the SNES Mana saga.

– And June 25 comes!Mario Golf: Super Rush‘! It will have motion control, so you can take your Joy-Con and imitate the shooting movement. In addition, it will also have a story mode, with which you can go with your Mii through the different trails available.

– ‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout‘will also be coming to Nintendo Switch next summer. With its crazy tests, this game was one of the great phenomena in the industry during 2020 and, at last, it will land on the hybrid console.

– ‘Outer Wilds‘is also on the way. Named 2019 Game of the Year by ‘Giant Bomb’, ‘Polygon’, ‘Eurogamer’ and ‘The Guardian’ is an award-winning open world title, set in an enigmatic solar system confined to an infinite time loop.

– In summer it will also come ‘Samurai warriors 5‘, the latest installment in the long-running franchise.

– On July 16 the remastering of ‘The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD‘, the classic Wii with new control schemes, either by movement with the Joy-Con or using the classic buttons.

– ‘No More Heroes 3‘also has a release date: August 27. The title of Suda51, after chaining several delays, will finally allow us to meet again with Travis Touchdown on the Nintendo Switch. Our protagonist must face new aliens willing to destroy Earth.


– An unexpected card game coming next winter to Nintendo Switch. Is about ‘Neon White‘, in which with a unique gameplay, players will have to manage to overcome the obstacles and each of the action proposals that come their way.

– On the other hand, this 2021 (although we do not know the exact date or month) will also land on the hybrid console ‘Star wars hunters‘, a competitive (and free) online game.

2022 releases

Finally, in Nintendo Direct, the Japanese company has also announced two games that will not reach the console until 2022:

– ‘Project Triangle Strategy‘by Square Enix. It is an isometric role-playing video game with tactical combat, similar to the classic ‘Fire Emblem’. The demo is now available.

– ‘Splatoon 3‘. The latest title announced at this highly anticipated event. Paint can battles are back in a new edition, yes: with new weapons.

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