These are the Netflix titles that go in August

These are the Netflix titles that are leaving in August | Instagram

On this occasion we will mention to you which series and movies leave the platform of Netflix in the next month of August 2021, so you are still in time to give them a last look, because the month of July is practically over.

Unfortunately with the arrival of a new month, we say goodbye to a list of content that will no longer be available on Netflix.

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A new month is coming, new emotions to discover, and also to say goodbye, this is how it will also happen with the series and movies of the Netflix platform.

And while the arrival of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games sparked our passion for sports, it might also be necessary to take time to watch some of the content that you will no longer be able to see in exchange for your subscription.

So without further ado, we show you the titles that will say goodbye to the platform in the coming weeks:



August 1

Grand Designs



Queen of no marriage

Regal academy

Fool of us

Operation Ouch

Aussie Gold Hunters

The beginning and end of the universe

Empire of the tsars

Everyday miracles

Genius of the Ancient World

The times of Pablo Escobar

August 2nd

Marching orders

6th August

Vampire girl

August 12

Orphan Black

‘The Exorcist’ will become a trilogy for Universal with Ellen Burstyn and Leslie Odom Jr. in its cast

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