These are the Netflix premieres for today June 23, 2021

These are the Netflix premieres for today June 23, 2021 | Instagram

The famous platform Netflix brings to its millions of subscribers a rather unusual list of premieres for this Wednesday, June 23, so if you no longer know what to see, keep reading to get an idea of ​​what’s new.

If you wanted a good marathon of various series and movies, the great red logo platform, today debuts an unusual variety for a simple Wednesday.

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It is nothing more and nothing less than four different productions that are ready for all its subscribers.

Below the novelties coming to Netflix today:


Playing with Fire: Season 2 (SERIES)

A new season is coming, with new singles and a dream life in paradise, where the only thing that separates them from $ 100,000 is chastity.


The House of Flowers: The Movie (MOVIE)

The De la Mora brothers hatch an evil plan to break into the old family home and retrieve a vitally important hidden treasure.


Fairytale Love (MOVIE)

A stand-up comedian and aspiring actress meets a wealthy college student who seems too good to be true.


The Wanninkhof – Carabantes case (DOCUMENTARY)

In 1999, someone took Rocío Wanninkhof’s life. They suspect his mother’s ex-partner, Dolores Vázquez. Could it have been her? A second victim will reveal the truth.

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