Netflix recently unveiled the different movies, series and documentaries that will hit the platform in August 2020. However, every time the platform fills up with new titles, others must say goodbye.

See below those films and series that will leave the platform from August. If some of them are still on your list and you have not seen them, remember that you can still enjoy them this week.

Movies coming out of Netflix in August 2020

August 1

12 Years of Slavery28 DaysAlicia Through the Looking GlassCaptain America: Civil WarCladestine RacesD.E.B.S .: Seductive SpiesDetroit Rock CityDiana: The Secret of a PrincessThe Princess Diary 2Eagles of Death Metal

12 Years of Slavery

In Live MeatTightropeA Wife of LyingEurotripFirewallFlashdanceThe InstituteThe Secret GardenYoung WitchesFinish LoversThe Model

Young Witches

Nightmare of the Living Dead Nightmare on Hell Street 3: The Dream Warriors Nightmare on Hell Street 4: The Master of Dreams Wild Dog Point Break


August 5

August 7th

The Black Room Invisible Enemy


August 8

August 9

Baywatch: Guardians of the BayBlack Site Delta


August 10

August 12

Prayer For The RainRedline

August 14

The Thing from Another World Creatures of the Night Screaming and Kicking Anonymous Soldier

The Thing from Another World

Series coming out of Netflix in August 2020

August 1

Documentaries leaving Netflix in August 2020

August 1

This Is It

August 4th

6 of August

August 9

August 10

Alive and Kicking

August 2020 netflix

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