These are the keys to customer service in Mexico

When a person wants to solve a daily problem, they do not choose to send a message or make a call as the first option, when the issue is serious they prioritize doing it personally, the same happens in Customer Support, at least in a country like Mexico, where although digital media are gaining ground in the face of the pandemic, it is also true that this is considered because there is no alternative, the contingency stops them from going physically, but this does not reflect that they do not want to do so .

Customer service faces a very complex potion during this 2021, given the impossibility of coming into direct contact, it is clear that it must be solved remotely as best as possible. It is so important to reach the best agreement in the customer service channel based on experience, that 86 percent of customers ceases to be involved with a company as a result of poor service, according to Impact Report by Harris Interactive.

Worldwide, according to the 2021 Customer Experience Trends Report (CX) of Zendesk, data from more than 90 thousand companies worldwide agree that it continues to be fundamental in business, increasingly in Latin America, where it registered an increase in 44 percent in the number of support requests since the contingency began.

Technology is increasingly important in this regard; In fact, 75 percent of the leaders stated that COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of technology in their companies globally and that in Latin America technological solutions were implemented especially to automate their processes (66 percent), offer multiple channels to customers (94 percent) and to personalize their experiences through a data-driven operation (112 percent).

Specifically in Mexico, strategists can take as a guide that the 66 percent of customers said experience is most important to them now compared to a year ago and 81 percent of companies indicated that their organization prioritizes CX more than a year ago, numbers that are above the global average 50 percent and 63 percent respectively.

In addition to technology, it is clear that one of the points that will remain fundamental in customer service is what consumers perceive as standards that are respected in face-to-face places, as revealed by the study “Profile Shopper Marketing 2020” of the Merca2.0 Research Department, which determined that 50.3 percent of Mexicans want customers in a store to respect all contagion preventive measures, such as the use of face masks, antibacterial gel, temperature measurement and any type of physical contact.

In fact, the Considera 47 percent see COVID-19 as their main concern, according to the · COVID-19 Barometer Mexico – Wave 3 ”of Kantar. These aspects are key to the strategies focused in this regard in the Mexican nation.

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