these are the forbidden topics

Reddit launches a transparency report and reveals that in 2020 it removed 6% of the content circulating on the platform.

A few weeks ago it seemed that Reddit was the epicenter of the digital revolution with the issue of GameStop and WallStreetBets.

But the reality is that this platform had a very dense and dark past Due to the community that fed the site with not exactly friendly content.

Since those days the administrators have worked hard to improve the site. It is an effort that has been noticed and now it is time to know what content it was that they removed during 2020.

Reddit against misinformation

Through their own official page, the people of Reddit published a detailed report where they marked the « prohibited topics » and the moderation actions carried out last year. Roughly:

The platform removed 6% of the total posts made in 2020. This is an increase compared to the 5% marked in 2019.
Hate speech was one of his main topics of moderation. Which led to the removal of r / The_Donald, along with more than 2,000 subreddits.
Of that 6%, 4% were withdrawn by moderators. Only 2% were eliminated directly by the platform staff. Which speaks of a more active community and aware of community rules.
The use of Automods also helped detect and remove content even before it was reported.

But perhaps what’s most striking is that in reality less than 1% of the content you removed was for topics such as harassment, hate speech and violent content.

The vast majority of items they removed were mostly spam. So that also tells us about the problems that the platform suffers today.