These are the devices compatible with Disney Plus

The countdown is over for Disney Plus fans. The streaming service will arrive in Mexico tomorrow and there are many expectations around this service.

While customers eagerly await the landing of this new Netflix competitor, the new bet of the house of Mickey Mouse is about the arrival in a market that is especially attractive.

Following the growth trend of streaming in the world, it is important to consider the figures that are around this industry, which was especially favored by the arrival of a health emergency and its isolation conditions.

To understand the potential opportunities, it is enough to recognize that during the past year, the worldwide streaming market generated revenues estimated at more than $ 29.74 billion, according to estimates from the Video Advertising Bureau, comScore and Nielsen.

If this figure is interesting, it is more relevant to recognize that income for the sector could be greater than $ 43.6 billion around 2027.

Landing the data to the Mexican market, we have to say from estimates of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), until 2018, there were 74.3 million Internet users, of which 8.3 million they were identified as subscribers of streaming platforms.

Considering what Mexico could mean for the expansion of Disney Plus, the firm has carried out various advertising and promotional actions in order to not leave any loose ends.

In recent weeks, Televisa assured that to benefit its cable segment in Mexico through the Izzi brand, it will offer the Disney Plus platform as an additional service to this service.

In the middle of a conference with analysts, Salvi Folch, director of the cable segment at Televisa, highlighted that “(Disney Plus) will be an additional service that will be offered to the customer base in Mexico. Instead of seeing it Disney Plus) as a competitor, there are ways we can all benefit, including Disney and ourselves, from new entrants to the market, ”revealed Salvi Folch, director of the cable segment at Televisa in a conference with analysts.

Added to this was a promotional strategy based on price. Disney Plus has said that it has a pre-launch offer ready in which for a whole year of its service you will have to pay 1,359 pesos. The promotion is only available from November 3 to 16 to be ready and enjoy all the Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic catalogs.

In the same vein, and with a view to eating the Netflix market, Disney Plus and Mercado Libre have just announced an agreement with which customers of the renowned online shopping site will be able to access significant benefits related to the new streaming services.

Although the platform that lands in Mexico tomorrow has tried to leave everything ready for its arrival with no doubts for its customers, the truth is that among users there are still some doubts about the platforms and devices with which this new service will be compatible.

In order to provide certainty in this regard, we share the devices and platforms so far confirmed as compatible with Disney Plus:

From applications

Disney Plus has an app available for iOS and Android, although it is not yet available for download from the respective stores. To access this app, it must be downloaded from the official Disney Plus site.

As far as the supported browsers are Edge, Chrome, Safari, FireFox and Chrome S. The supported Apple and Android models are:

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 11.0 or later Devices with Android Lollipop 5.0 or later Amazon Fire tablets with Fire 5.0 or later

Streaming devices

3rd and 4th generation Apple TV with tvOS 11.0 or later Google Chromecast devices Xiaomi Mi Box and Mi TV Stick devices Roku devices Amazon Fire TV devices

Video game consoles

Xbox One Xbox One S Xbox One X Xbox Series S Xbox Series X PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 Slim PlayStation 4 Pro PlayStation 5

Smart TVs

All those compatible with Airplay and Airplay2 are considered here, as well as those that operate with Android TV or Roku TV. Regarding the brands of compatible televisions they are:

Sony from Bravia series Samsung from 2016 model onwards with Tizen LG from 2016 model onwards Sharp from AQUOS series