These are the coronavirus restrictions in the autonomous communities for the December bridge

The Restrictions will remain during the December bridge in most of the autonomous communities. The fear of possible sprouts is forever changing the way of living the bridges. The long-awaited trips of these days will become voluntary confinements at home or displacements in our own autonomous community in the best of cases. The closure of the autonomous communities for the December bridge is a reality, if you are planning these holidays, take note of what can and cannot be done with the coronavirus restrictions in force.

Coronavirus restrictions in the autonomous communities for the December bridge

The coronavirus has forever changed the way we live the holidays. With a Christmas at the doors, the first of the challenges to be overcome is the December bank holiday. Reducing the number of infections is the priority of Spain that lives this second wave with hospitals full of patients with coronavirus, the figures are higher, despite the mandatory measures imposed. If you are thinking of getting around these days, this is all you need to know.

Andalusia: the perimeter closure will remain at least until November 23. In addition, movements between all the municipalities of the entire community have also been limited. Aragon: it has perimeter confined its entire territory until November 30. Its three provincial capitals are confined. Asturias: mobility, furthermore, remains limited in Gijón, Oviedo and Avilés, as well as in the councils of Langreo, Laviana and San Martín del Rey Aurelio with special restrictions. The community is closed until contagions are reduced. Balearic Islands: Manacor is the only area most affected in which mobility is restricted. The islands are still open to visitors are restrictions. Canary Islands: It does not apply any mobility restrictions, its contagion figures are good to date. Cantabria: It will be closed until December 2, waiting to see the situation of this community. A municipal closure also applies. Cantabria has decided to extend the closure of the community until December 2. In addition, the Cantabrian Executive has also adopted to isolate all its municipalities on the perimeter. Castilla-La Mancha: it will maintain the perimeter confinement of its territory until after the Constitution Bridge, waiting to set a reopening date. Castilla y León: the perimeter closure of its territory will last until December 3, at which time they will decide if it continues to apply or not. Catalonia: maintains the perimeter closure until December 21 with a special restriction on mobility at the municipal level on weekends until December 8 at least. While waiting to know the results of their restrictions, mobility by regions will be expanded. Autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla: They have applied a perimeter closure while waiting to know the result of their measures, they may be confined these days. Community of Madrid: it will close borders again in the next bridge of the Constitution, as happened in the November bridges. Isabel Díaz Ayuso has announced a perimeter confinement of the region from December 4 to 14. Valencian Community: will maintain the perimeter closure until at least December 9, waiting to see the results of these measures. Extremadura: It has not applied a total closure, they have only confined some municipalities and areas most affected. Galicia: maintains the municipal perimeter confinement in the main cities: Santiago de Compostela, Ferrol, Vigo, Pontevedra, Lugo, A Coruña and Ourense. La Rioja: The autonomy perimeter closure is scheduled to continue until November 29. Navarra: it will end its perimeter closure on December 18, after a necessary extension to verify that the positives were still high. Basque Country: will maintain the perimeter closure of the autonomous community, which adds to a restriction of mobility between municipalities. Murcia Region: has extended the closure of the region and all its municipalities until December 9.

These are the restrictions today, depending on the evolution of the pandemic, extraordinary measures can be decreed for a December long weekend that will mark the trend of the most atypical Christmases in the history of this country.