These are the computers where WhatsApp Web will no longer work

These are the computers where WhatsApp Web will no longer work (Pixabay)

These are the computers where WhatsApp Web will no longer work | Pixabay

Know if the messaging application WhatsApp Web it will stop working next year 2021 on your computer, because although it may not seem real this if it happened and they recently released the models in which you will no longer be able to use it.

If you are on this note, you surely use WhatsApp Web and this application is often used to view their conversations on the big screen, this made it become the favorite of a large number of users.

Even though you don’t have the video calls and calls for the computer yet, here’s what you need to know today.

Currently the company of the messaging application has announced that its platform for the web version will not be compatible with some computers before the arrival of 2021 so we will let you know what they are.

Unfortunately and perhaps to the bad luck of many, WhatsApp Web will stop working in 2021 in those people whose main browser is Microsoft Edge Legacy.

That means that if you enter the computer application through said platform, you will get a message that unfortunately it is not compatible.

Unfortunately the Facebook application has not released an exact date, however, if you use Edge Legacy to access the internet, we suggest that you can change it right now by downloading some of these browsers:

Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Safari

So if you want one of these browsers to be determined as official, you will have to perform the following steps:

First download the program you want to use, then go to “Default applications” and click on “Web browser”. There choose the browser you downloaded.

On the other hand, thanks to the advanced technology that there is today, the WhatsApp application enabled a new trick that will surely be interesting for millions of people, the messages that self-destruct and fortunately you can now activate this new function.

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And it is undoubtedly that maintaining a certain degree of privacy or mysticism in our conversations every day has been more popular among users and at the same time as technologies advance, so do the creators of content and tools that facilitate the use of our applications.

This is how with these advances in technology we can avoid deleting content that surely when your mobile device warns you that it has a full memory you immediately begin to delete chats, images and even videos, however, now with this new function you can limit the deleting the content you have on your device.

As you may recall, the launch of WhatsApp It was in January 2009 and over the years this mobile application has been updated on several occasions, with the aim of improving the quality of the service and offering users a more practical way of talking with their contacts.

Thanks to the updates and technological advances that we have enjoyed in recent years, WhatsApp offers you not only to chat by text, but also to send videos, photographs, voice notes, internet links, documents, stickers and other options that facilitate and improve a conversation for application users.

Recently perhaps one of the most important updates that the application has had is the creation of WhatsApp web, through which you can have conversations from the comfort of your computer and without a doubt for people who work from the office, this option greatly facilitates their conversations, because it is practically also necessary to use WhatsApp at work or at home. school is perhaps one of the trends that will continue in a long time.

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