These are the characteristics of the new 1000 peso bill

The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) made the presentation of the new thousand peso bill, this being the fourth of the new ‘G family’ of bills. We tell you in detail what are the characteristics of the latter.

1. The banknote is predominantly gray in color and was printed on cotton paper

2. On the obverse the faces of Francisco I. Madero, Hermila Galindo and Carmen Serdán, alluding to the period of the Mexican Revolution. In the background, there is a locomotive.

3. On the reverse side the humid forest ecosystem was represented, where the figure of the Jaguar, a species whose conservation is a priority in the natural reserve of the site, and the ceiba and sapote trees. In the glasses of these specimens users will be able to see the representation of a Spider monkey.


4. Among the Security elements there are reliefs sensitive to the touch on the obverse, where the representatives of the Mexican Revolution are located.

5. The new thousand-peso bill also has multicolored denomination, which indicates that in the numeral small numbers can be visualized inside, and which change from purple to green, depending on the angle of visibility.

6. It also has a dynamic thread, which is made up of numbers and horizontal bars that move when the bill is moved.

New ticketNew ticket Source: Special

7. Another distinctive feature of the new banknote is that it has a watermark, where you can see the silhouette of Francisco I. Madero’s face, in addition to the number “1000” on the front, in the lower right part.

8. This banknote has fluorescent elements on the back, like all banknotes of different denominations issued by Banxico.

9. Finally, the banknote also has a folio with increasing digits at the bottom of the front.

New ticketNew ticket Source: Special

10. The banknote is fluorescent: under black light, the inks and fibrils glow and stand out. The eyes of the jaguar, as well as the glyph, also glow.

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