These are the changes that the application brings

The Facebook-owned app made big changes to its interface design.

Instagram renewed its design again to the surprise of many of its users who expressed their attraction and their dislike for the location of the accesses that the platform modified.

With the intention of improving e-commerce and giving the Reels section more exposure, now Instagram completely changed the user’s navigation mode with the place of the buttons.

Instagram changes

Among the most notable changes are:

Shop tabs

By selecting this button the user will go directly to a feed where the brands have put their products with direct links to make purchases.

« Shop will strengthen users’ connection to brands and creators, as well as the ability to discover new favorite products, » said Adam Mosseri, Director of Instagram.

Reels tab

The button located right in the middle, where the camera used to be or the + symbol that indicated that you can upload content, is now the space to directly access the content of Reels.

« At Instagram, our focus has always been on young people and creators because they are the trendsetters. Changes are happening quickly, including in the way both groups use Instagram and relate to the world, » added the executive.

Change of place of likes

The heart where one previously looked for the likes of our publications, is now located in the upper left next to the + symbol, to upload content and next to the arrow where the DMs are.

« We are excited about the new design and believe it gives the application a much-needed update, while staying true to one of our core values: simplicity. »

These changes are reflected in the application for Android and iOS. At the moment Instagram Web has not undergone any changes.