these are the apps with which you can anime on your android cell phone

If you want to watch anime on your cell phone, then we recommend some good Android apps with which you can do just that.

We know that anime is an important part of the lifestyle of many of us. I include myself because I can’t stop watching it either, be it from the classics like Evangelion or the newest like The Promised Neverland, There is no doubt that the Japanese animation industry is and will be one of the largest in the history of entertainment.

And it is that with great stories that come to us all the time, we can never stop watching anime. So Here are a few Android apps where you can watch anime.


Without a doubt it is the most famous of all, because here almost the entire catalog consists of Anime, only being accompanied by different dramas that, if you give them a chance, they will surely end up hooking you.

Definitely It is the best option of all in terms of variety and quality, plus it is not very expensive.

Amazon Prime Video

Here you can also find many classic anime titles, inside what we can find Inuyasha, Pokémon, Yu-GI-Oh! and many other legendary animations that we will always like.

There is hardly any talk about the Prime Video anime catalog, but if you take a walk around, you will find so many titles that you will not believe it.


This app does not even need a presentation, but what is worth noting about this is that It has a great variety of anime for all tastes, in addition to having many original productions of an enormous quality.

One of the best animations that you can find here is all Evangelion, Dorohedoro, One Piece and even Death Note. Not everything is Stranger Things, thank all the gods.


Another of the best apps to watch anime, well is completely specialized in these productions, that is why we have a few very interesting things about this app.

Apart from power watch huge series like My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan, you also have the option to watch the series without internet connection, which makes it perfect for road trips or in case you run out of internet.

Pluto TV

This app is one of the best you can find anywhere, because not only is it completely free in every way, But it has channels specialized in completely official Anime that show series all day, non-stop.

In addition, it has an On Demand video section, where you can find all kinds of legendary content like Death Note, Naruto, Bleach, Beyblade and even Inuyasha. All dubbed into Latin Spanish.