These are the alternatives you have available on Android

In case you didn’t know, it seems that the end of Google Photos has arrived in its free version for next year.

The American company decided to no longer offer its storage tool for free by 2021, so it is convenient that you start looking for new alternatives.

If you are one of those who like to store their memories and photos in the cloud, you should not worry if you no longer have Google Photos, since there are alternatives on Android that could be very helpful.

Below 3 alternatives


This Microsoft application allows you to make backup copies of your photos, and it can also impersonate many other Google apps.

The only thing is that its free version only offers a storage memory of 5GB.


This is perhaps the least known, but in terms of free applications, it is the one that offers the most memory capacity.

It does not have a price plan like the others, and despite this, it allows you to save your photos and make automatic backups with 1T of space.


It is another that in its free version offers a capacity of 15GB. The only detail is the number of permits it requires, although not all of them are mandatory and necessary to save your photos.

Yandex Disk

It is an app similar to Google Photos, but in a Russian version. This allows you to make an unlimited backup of your photos and in its free version it has 10GB.