These are the 5 main sources of contagion of coronavirus according to British researchers

Since the Covid-19 crisis began, research teams from around the world have tried to find out all the aspects related to this virus: routes of transmission, more effective preventive measures … And also the main sources of contagion of coronavirus. Now a team of British experts sheds light on this issue, based on data collected by the UK Public Health System.

According to these data, supermarkets they are the main stage. Of the patients who have tested positive for coronavirus in the days that the study has been carried out, 18.3% said they had been in a supermarket. They are highly frequented places, which have remained open throughout the pandemic.

The second and third place in the ranking are for the esecondary schools and elementary schools, where 12.7 and 10.1 percent of the patients claimed to have been in the days prior to confirming that they had coronavirus.

It is striking that hospitals occupy fourth place in the list of the main sources of contagion of the coronavirus. Only 3.6% of the positives in Covid-19 had visited a hospital center. And finally, care homes (2.8%).

What are the places of greatest risk?

In the last week, a total of 124 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in secondary schools in the United Kingdom. The records of the Public Health System indicate that since the records began there have been 822 outbreaks in secondary schools and 732 in primary schools.

The three main activities that patients had carried out before presenting symptoms and testing positive for coronavirus were: shopping, attend class, go out to eat and take care of the children.

Coronavirus data in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the countries most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. It has registered a total of 1.45 million cases and 53,775 fatalities. It is the country in Europe with the most deaths from coronavirus, and the fourth in the world.

Three weeks ago Boris Johnson ordered the confinement of the country until December 2 to stop the advance of Covid-19. Therefore, all non-essential commercial establishments, bars and restaurants remain closed. Citizens must stay at home, and can only go out with just cause, such as going to work or going out to buy food.

However, daily infections continue to skyrocket in the country. This Thursday the United Kingdom Ministry of Health has reported a slight rebound in new cases of Covid-19: 23,000 in the last 24 hours. As for deaths, the rate is maintained with 501 victims.