These are the 5 best-selling shoes

Nostalgia for Kobe Bryant may have an escape route in the sale of sneakers. Let’s know the five best-selling models.

The legend of Kobe Bryant continues to grow, when more than a year has passed since his death. His fans continue to yearn for him.

During his career, his legion of followers made his best shoes, created by Nike, Reebok and Adidas. Little has changed after his death: indeed, it could be said that sales multiplied.

The story tells that, in the beginning, Kobe signed with Adidas until 2002. The star did not want to renew with the German brand, and since then he has changed suppliers as he wanted. In addition to the aforementioned manufacturers, he also used Converse sneakers.

Here we bring you the five best-selling footwear, according to the accounts of the specialized portal StockX.

What is your favorite Kobe Bryant shoe model?

Jordan 9 Retro Kobe Bryant PE

Released in 2016, they are the most popular in the store. The predominant color is white, but it also has purple details and the Air Jordan logo in gold, all following Lakers canons.

Reebok Answer IV Kobe Bryant PE

The Reebok model is one of the best sellers in the StockX store. The main color is purple with a mixture of gray, while an opaque white covers the instep. These sneakers were released in February 2018.

Adidas Crazy 97 EQT Kobe Bryant 1997 Slam

One of the first exclusive Kobe Bryant shoes, its main color is purple. The use of the number 8 that the star wore in his beginnings with the Lakers stands out. Let’s remember that he then used number 24.

Nike Air Zoom Flight 96 Kobe Bryant

This model is in a retro style, in homage to the star. Its predominant color is white, with gold and purple. It also has tiny sparks of colors that give it an air of freedom.

Nike Hyperdunk 08 Kobe Bryant Snakepool

Perhaps they are the coolest among the five, due to their most prominent colors. Gold is predominant, with the Nike Swoosh in purple, alluding to the Lakers. The release date was November 2008.