Ford has shown its intentions to launch a considerable amount of SUV vehicles, since the commitment to this type of car has become the banner of the North American firm, however, it will also launch 3 new pick-ups to the Mexican market

The dates of the new releases of Ford are still hanging by a thread, as their factories around the world closed due to the health emergency due to COVID-19, and although production has already resumed in some regions, not all factories suffer the same fate nor can they accelerate the production of cars to make up for lost time.

However, among the new releases of Ford they find each other 3 trucks type pick-up which, according to the Motorpasión portal, will soon set foot on Mexican territory and are as follows.

. Ranger Raptor

Lucien Pinto, head of marketing and sales at Ford, assured that this truck will indeed arrive in Mexico, although the arrival date is not known with certainty. The pandemic has caused delays in different brand launches and Ranger Raptor is one of them.

Ford Ranger Raptor 2019.
Credit: Courtesy Ford.

. Maverick

Ford has planned the launch of a new dual-purpose pick-up, with the focus of work typical of such a vehicle, but with amenities and chassis derived from a personal vehicle. Although Lucien did not give the name of this vehicle, its description fits the characteristics of the future Maverick.

. F-150

The third pick-up that will set foot on Mexican soil will be the next generation of the F-150, which will be presented in the United States on June 25, and although there is no confirmed date for its arrival, it is estimated that it will be in early 2021. when he is seen rolling on the streets, if the coronavirus pandemic does not dictate otherwise.

Ford F-150 2020.
Credit: Courtesy Ford.


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