These are the 15 highest-grossing female directors in history

The twenty people whose filmography is the highest grossing in history are men, from Steven Spielberg (Schindler’s List) to James Wan (The Warren File: The Enfield Case). And this cannot be strange to us in any way since, as in any other social sphere, women have traditionally not been allowed to accommodate themselves in positions of responsibility and, in any case, there have always been more men working in the cinema, including women. work of the performance. However, the matter is changing, and it is possible to make a list of the highest grossing female directors of all time.

Jennifer Lee is the highest grossing director in history thanks to the fact that she has made the two parts of Frozen with Chris Buck in 2013 and 2019

But you have to go down to thirty-five to find the first one, Jennifer lee, whose only two feature films have served to top the ranking with more than $ 2.7 billion Obtained: Frozen 2 (2019) and Frozen: The Kingdom of Ice (2013), according to the order of collection and both co-associated with Chris Buck. To go for the second, you have to get off at more than 2 billion achieved by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, with the great trilogy they directed: Matrix Reloaded (2003), Matrix (1999) and Matrix Revolutions (2003).

highest grossing female directorsJennifer Lee and Chris Buck | Annecy, Flikr

Then you have to go down to 1.3 billion from Nancy meyers, whose highest-grossing films are entitled What Do Women Think About? (2000), When you least expect it (2003) and It’s not so easy (2009). For its part, Jennifer Yuh Nelson has contributed to the film industry more than 1.2 billion with Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011), Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016) and Mighty Minds (2018), the only three films he has produced so far. The more than 1.1 billion from Anna boden They place it below thanks, above all, to Captain Marvel (2019), An almost funny story (2010) and Sugar (2008), all three finished hand in hand with Ryan Fleck.

The Wachowski Sisters are the second highest-grossing directors, especially for their successful Matrix trilogy (1999, 2003)

More than 1 billion it is located Betty thomas especially due to Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 (2009), Dr. Dolittle (1998) and All Against Him (2006). Only one work has been enough for Patty jenkins to overcome the 800 million, none other than Wonder Woman (2017), but the Oscar-winning Monster (2003) had already given us. Close to him Nora ephron with You have an e-mail (1998), Something to remember (1993) and Julie and Julia (2009) in the lead. Y Vicky jenson by Shrek (2001), co-directed with Andrew Adamson, The Scarecrow (2004), the same with Bibo Bergeron and Rob Letterman, and Just Graduated (2009), his three films to date.

highest grossing female directorsLana Wachowski | Sam Javanrouh, Flikr

More of 700 million has accumulated Brenda chapman by the box office of the Brave (Indomitable) [2012], an animated Oscar winner who signed with Mark Andrews and Steve Purcell, The Prince of Egypt (1998), co-starred with Steve Hickner and Simon Wells, and leading to the very recent Once Upon a Time … (2020). How Phyllida Lloyd by Mamma mia! (2008), Mamma mia! Again and again (2018) and The Iron Lady (2011). Y Anne Fletcher has exceeded 600 million, and his highest-grossing films are La proposition (2009), 27 dresses (2008) and Bailando (Step Up) [2006].

These 15 filmmakers have grossed more at the box office than their renowned colleagues such as Anthony Minghella, Wes Anderson, Gus van Sant, Terry Gilliam or Roman Polanski

The more than 500 million achieved by filmography of Catherine Hardwicke they are due, for example, to Twilight (2008), Little Red Riding Hood, who are you afraid of? (2011) and Natividad (2016). And it is quite close Sam Taylor-Johnson with Fifty Shades of Gray (2015), Nowhere Boy (2010) and In a thousand pieces (2018). And it must be said that these fifteen filmmakers have grossed more at the box office than their colleagues with a reputation as great as that of Anthony Minghella, Wes Anderson, Gus van Sant, Terry Gilliam or Roman Polanski. There is nothing.

highest grossing female directorsNancy Meyers | Peggy Sirota, Wikimedia

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