A June 18 but 1942 Paul McCartney was born, one of the most legendary artists in history. Since he began his career with The Beatles, he has managed to conquer the world, thanks to a lot of songs that since those years we consider classic and untouchables, innovating with each album they released become icons without which we could not understand the music we listen to today.

Unfortunately and as they say out there, the good does not last forever and After fully depicting the 1960s, Beatlemania ended. However, Sir Paul had a good list of songs around that for some reason or other were discarded to appear on a record by the Liverpool band, and starting with all of them a great solo career.

These are the 10 best songs of Paul McCartney (as soloist)

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Along with his wife and partner, Linda, in the early 1970s, put together a band, which they named Wings, who, driven by the musical genius that Paul McCartney has, quickly gained fame – and the odd problem with the law. To end that decade, McCa decided to end the group and now yes, take his own path that continues to this day.

Whether releasing records and giving impressive shows of almost three hours of duration (like that epic concert that was thrown in the Zocalo of Mexico City before almost more than 200 thousand people), something that very few artists do and especially at their age, McCartney continues to surprise us and we value him as a true legend in every sense of the word.

These are the 10 best songs of Paul McCartney (as soloist) These are the 10 best songs of Paul McCartney (as soloist)

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We know it is complicated, but We have decided to put together a list of the 10 best songs that Sir Paul has composed over the years. Before they scream in the sky, we will only consider the songs that this legendary musician has released as a soloist or with Wings, leaving aside the songs he composed with John, George and Ringo (although later we could dare to get a top with those songs)

Maybe I’m Amazed

In 1970 and after completely closing the chapter of his life called The Beatles, Paul decided to continue as a soloist, releasing the album simply titled McCartney –Where he played each instrument. On that album there were great songs such as “Every Night” or “That Would Be Something”, however, “Maybe I’m Amazed” was the song that stood out the most.

As in many other songs on his discography (and some others that we will see in this list), Sir Paul always dedicated many of them to his wife, Linda. Through a ballad very much in his style, McCartney thanks him for accompanying him on this tortuous journey, always showing him the love he feels for him.

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“Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey”

Just as he did with The Beatles in songs like “A Day In The Life” or the medley of Abbey RoadOver the years, Paul McCartney resorted to putting together snippets of songs to create one, and the perfect example of this is “Uncle Albert / Admiarl Halsey”. For 1971, the musician released his second album, RAM, and experiencing how in the old days this song was born, one of the most experimental in his solo career.

McCartney was inspired by his own uncle, Albert Kendall to compose this song as a nostalgic memory, something that has always characterized it. Along the track – which is full of changes – different sound effects can be heard like a storm, rain, some seagulls and even a phone, In addition, both her voice and Linda’s sound like a cartoon.. Even up John Lennon once admitted that he liked him very much.

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“My Love”

Another of those romantic and spectacular ballads that only Paul McCartney can compose. “My Love” appeared in Red Rose Speedway, the second studio album that the musician recorded with Wings in 1973. As another of the great ideas that Sir Paul came up with in the studio, He made the decision to record this song in real time and with an orchestra of 50 live musicians.

To the guitarist of Wings, Henry McCullough had no choice but to improvise the solo that appears in this song. Even though it came out at the time, McCartney loved the end result, leaving it entirely in the studio version..

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“Live and Let Die”

The songs that appear in the James Bond movies were always great, but Paul McCartney put the rod too high when he released “Live And Let Die” for the tape of the same name. The musician together with his wife Linda composed this song, although an old acquaintance participated in the recording, the great George Martin –The producer of almost all the discography of the Fab Four and who many consider the fifth Beatle–.

Martin wrote the orchestral arrangement and conducted the musicians in the recording sessions. At the end, “Live and Let Die” was a success and many remember the film for the song, which is one of the most epic in Sir Paul’s discography and that live drives all fans crazy, right?

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“Band On The Run”

In late 1973 and after launching Red Rose Speedway that same year, to the surprise of many Paul McCartney released one of the best albums of his career, Band On The Run. The entire album is full of great milestones, but the main one was the song that gives the album its name, which even earned it a Grammy.

Recorded three different sections, as if it were again a medley armed from fragments of songs, in this song Sir Paul tells the story of a fictional gang fleeing the policealthough my hand is low was inspired by the real events of WingsBecause during all that time, he, Linda and the other members of the group were arrested multiple times for smoking marijuana. Loquillo walk resulted in a spectacular theme and an instant classic.

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“Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five”

Another topic of Band On The Run and the one who closes this great album. Paul has always shown us that he is a teacher when he sits at the piano, but the riff he composed for “Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five” is unmatched, even before giving it a formal name called “Piano Thing”.

For months, McCartney was blocked, as he only had one line written. But after all and knowing the capacity it has, managed to create a song that takes us through different rhythms and emotionsAs if it were a musical roller coaster. The ending is simply magnificent and imposing, with a full orchestra and the rest of the band playing alongside it.

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“Mull Of Kintyre”

If something has become clear to us, it is that Paul McCartney has the ability to take us to a lot of places with his songs, and “Mull Of Kintyre” is synonymous with this. Written in honor of the Kintyre Peninsula in Scotland, which according to the musician gave him a unique sense of peace, Sir Paul brings us a completely folk song that undoubtedly relaxes anyone when listening to it.

If it was special to hear him sing only with an acoustic guitar, the voice of Linda and accompanied by his Wings partner, Denny Laine, What makes this song unique is undoubtedly the huge group of Scottish bagpipes that enters right in the middle of the song., that thanks to this sound, McCartney manages to transport us to that part of the world although we have never had the pleasure of visiting it.

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Listen to What the Man Said ”

For 1975 McCartney together with Wings released the album Venus and Mars, an album they recorded with a renewed lineup. And as part of that freshness that they wanted to reflect with the music, they introduced the world to “Listen to What the Man Said”, a song to which Paul had great faith, It was one of his first attempts to demonstrate that he could adapt to musical genres that at that time were considered more modern.

Both the musician and the band were not so satisfied with the final result, and it was until the saxophonist Tom scott he put in a spectacular solo McCartney convinced himself that it would be a milestone. In “Listen to What the Man Said”, Paul brings us a somewhat optimistic love song, although it also makes it very clear that it can blind us and cause suffering, but that at the end of the day the most important thing is to believe in love.

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Silly Love Songs

The story of this song is extremely interesting. It turns out that by 1975, John Lennon –With that black and direct sense of humor that he had–, said Paul McCartney just composed silly love songs, but instead of burning and answering as many would usually do, the musician decided to take this as inspiration and fight back in his own way with the stickiest track of his solo career.

Here McCartney did not complicate his life in trying to write a letter that earned him a Nobel Prize for Literature, just got carried away and put the right words. Perhaps the most important thing about this topic is that It was the first with which Sir Paul ventured into disco music, putting a bass line that stays in your head and above all, motivate other musicians who grew up with them like the Rolling Stones or Rod Stewart to do the same in the future.

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“No More Lonely Nights”

At the beginning of the 80’s, Paul McCartney was going through a strange timeWell, Wings had disappeared. At that time an idea got into his head, return to the big screen with a movie very similar to the ones he had made with The Beatles, and the result was Give My Regards to Broad Street, Of which of course he composed the soundtrack.

The tape was not as successful as I expected, it was a box office failure and was worth a few million loss to the musician, however, the original song he composed was what little he could rescue. “No More Lonely Nights” is an 80s power ballad that definitely makes you want to turn it up to full volume, but the most spectacular thing about this song is that in the middle of everything a great guitar solo by David Gilmour himself appears.

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