These are bands and artists who have canceled their presentation at a Corona Capital

If there is something we will miss a lot this 2020, It will be to go to Corona Capital. Live music, putting together the plan with friends, running between stages and even the endless rows of the bathroom are some of the things that they make attendance at the festival very special.

And you won’t let us lie: you even miss suddenly hearing that a group canceled their show at the event. Yes, in a normal time anyone would be angry, but many times cancellations They even made it easier for us to schedule our moves between scenarios.

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The thing is, in the midst of this convulsed and pandemic year, we miss a lot of things that have happened Corona Capital throughout its 10 editions. Therefore, we recapitulate here a dozen bands / artists that they left us wanting to hear them at the festival (Yes, not as much as the desire with which the pandemic left us to attend the 2020 edition. It is worth crying).


Hozier cancels at Corona Capital 2014

Hozier was to be one of the acts that would be presented in the afternoon in el Corona Capital 2014 but, just a month after the festival took place, it was announced that its presentation would be canceled. The organization of the event specified at the time that it was ‘Force majeure’ those that led to the decision to resign from the Irishman show.

And well, the truth is that many wanted to see the composer who was quite fired up that year because he came with his debut album under his arm and with the resounding success of the single “Take Me to Church” that invaded radio stations around the world.

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Melody’s Echo Chamber did not make it to CC2014 either.

Corona Capital is always a good option to go see bands with a psychedelic roll. In 2014, one of the names would be present to give us that lysergic dose of music was Melody’s Echo Chamber, a project by the French Melody Prochet that came from release their first album with great public acceptance.

However, the opportunity was cut short due to logistics problems and I just couldn’t fix the agenda. And who knows, in one of those they even came with Kevin Parker (Tame Impala leader), as he had produced several of the instrumentation for that album. Of course, a year later, Melody did her thing by returning to the country for a presentation at the Ceremony.

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Metric misses the first edition

The first edition of Corona Capital over there in the distant 2010 It came with a very interesting line-up with national (yes, there were Spanish-speaking artists) and international talent. Metric was one of the most anticipated bands because they came from promotion with their fourth study material, Fantasies, which earned them several awards in their native Canada.

Again, the logistics of the tour did not allow the band to arrive in time to Mexico for a presentation in which we might have heard a preview of the album. Synthetica (2012) or even “Black Sheep”, that song made famous by its appearance on the soundtrack of Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

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Kodaline canceled in 2014

Going back to the 2014 edition, apart from Hozier there was another Irish act that he had to cancel at the last minute. This time it’s about Kodaline, who had to stop their trip to Mexico City due to ’causes beyond the festival’, as the organization of the event reported at the time.

Steve Garrigan and company had been sweeping the popularity charts with their debut album In A Perferct World, from which several singles were extracted for all kinds of series and movies. Over there you will remember “All I Want” in the Vampire Diaries series or in the movie The Fault In Our Stars. What a moment it would have been to see them at that moment.

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Simple Minds’ 80s vibe didn’t come in 2012

One of the things that we will certainly miss this year from Corona Capital is the inclusion of incredible bands from the old guard. In 2012, one of the legendary guests would be Simple Minds. The Scottish group was on the eve of breaking the lethargy of almost two without musical releases and Turn 4 of the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez was going to be part of the road to the Big Music album, which would eventually come out in 2014.

And no way, we are left with the desire to listen to the classic “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” with all that eighties vibe that is loaded. Also, those festival-loving moviegoers sure they were ready to replicate the famous fist scene that appears in The Breakfast Club when this song plays.

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SWMRS misses the festival in 2017

It seems to the family of Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day was getting used to arriving in Mexico precisely for Corona Capital. And we say ‘I was’ because the singer’s son could not carry out his 2019 presentation.

Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool were headliners of the festival in 2017 and, two later, the band Josh armstrong (son of the vocalist) was ready for his first presentation in Mexico in the same showcase of the event. However, a car accident on a trip from Oakland to Denver prevented them from taking the flight. Fortunately, they got out of the incident safe and we hope to see you sometime around here (If the coronavirus allows it, of course).

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FUN said goodbye to CC2013

Let’s be honest: it seems like yesterday when we were still there in 2011 enjoying success “We Are Young ”that catapulted FUN to immediate stardom. That song, it’s fair to say, became one of the classics of the decade and even helped Nate Ruess and company to establish themselves as superstars of alternative pop. Only the vocalist was requested by Pink herself for a collaboration on the subject. “Just Give Me a Reason”, So you will have an idea.

With that halo of success, the band was going to arrive at Corona Capital 2013 to join for a moment with their Mexican fans, but a month after the festival began, they canceled since guitarist Jack Antonoff had presented health problems.

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The Japanese House did not come to the 2017 edition

The year 2012 was the moment that the composer Amber Bain chose to launch her musical career, collaborating with Matt Healy and The 1975 and making music on her own. The following years were fruitful for the British, who decided to consolidate her solo project under the name The Japanese House.

Between 2016 and 2017, the vocalist had released a couple of good EPs –Swim Against the Tide Y Saw You in a Dream– with those who would arrive on the stage of Corona Capital 2017, which ended up canceling due to logistics issues. Instead came Dua Lipa, Washed Out and Sheppard to replace her and other acts that were canceled at the last minute.

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The Boxer Rebellion unexpectedly canceled at Corona Capital 2011

Perhaps one of the cancellations that hurt the most in the public of Crown Capital was that of The Boxer Rebellion. And the band would come to the festival with a new album, Cold still, to the 2011 edition. However, it did not happen to the dismay of the fans.

During the first days of October 2011, the band had announced on their official website that they would cancel their North American tour (including the Autodromo festival) as a result of a “Tragedy on a personal level”. Beyond the cancellation, the public understood the situation and welcomed them again with open arms for a concert at the 2012 Marvin Festival.

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Neon Trees said goodbye to Corona Capital 2014

2014 again? Since there were not enough two artists on this list, we added a third that also failed in that year’s edition. Neon Trees arrived at Corona Capital six years ago as one of the most anticipated acts thanks to the success of his album Pop Psychology.

On that occasion the band reported on their social networks that their bassist, Branden Campbell, had had open heart surgery and due to their recovery time, it would not be possible for them to attend the festival. Without a doubt, we were very nailed with the desire to listen to that album live and the famous “Everybody Talks”.

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