These are all the changes that are expected in the directive of Cruz Azul

In January of this year, Cruz Azul announced the incorporation of Álvaro Dávila as new CEO of the team and he positioned himself as the new head honcho of the heavenly institution in the sports field, so changes in the structure began to arise from the first moment.

With a month and a half in office, the first changes that the organization chart will undergo have already been filtered and among the main sacrificed is Jaime Ordiales, the still sports president of the team. With information published by Mediotiempo, below we present all the changes that will be made in the course of this semester.

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The person in charge of relieving Jaime Ordiales would be the current sports president of the Bravos de Juárez, Hector Lara, who has been in charge of the border position for just six months and who had already worked alongside Álvaro Dávila in Atlas, Jaguares and Morelia.

Gabriel Saucedo, COO and CFO, currently linked to Juárez FCGabriel Saucedo, director of operations and financial director, currently linked to Juárez FCGabriel Saucedo, COO and CFO, currently linked to Juárez FC | Twitter: @gsaucedot

In the financial and operational aspect, Gabriel Saucedo He would be in charge of managing Cruz Azul at the hands of Álvaro Dávila and like Héctor Lara, he also arrives from the Bravos de Juárez.

According to Mediotiempo, Anna Peniche She would also join the board of Cruz Azul, and although the position was not indicated, she is known for being the right hand of Enrique Bonilla in the Mexican Soccer Federation and in Liga MX.

He currently works in the Superior Arbitration Court (TAS).

Leon Lecanda unveiled another name in the new structure of Cruz Azul. Is about Edwin victoria, linked to Mazatlán FC, and who will join as the team’s new communication director.

Like the first three, he also worked in Morelia and Atlas, in addition to his last step in Mazatlán and another experience at Club América.

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