These applications can help you know where you can get fuel in Florida

May 12, 2021 May 12, 2021


It is normal for you to panic in situations that limit your actions, however it is important that you remember that there are some tools that can help you know where to get fuel to be able to supply your vehicle during the state of emergency that Florida is experiencing.

Here are some mobile applications with which you can find the right place so that you can fill your vehicle with gasoline and at the same time possibly also allow you to save some money:


Gasbuddy is a free website and app ( that allows you to rank gas stations based on various factors, including price, distance, fuel type, payment method, and ratings.

Through the crowdsourcing application, users will be able to obtain information on gasoline prices in real time.

It also allows you to know the average price of gasoline in your area, including the lowest and highest cost, as well as the address so you can get to the gas stations,


This application is used so that you can find the routes with the least traffic in real time.

Like other gasoline applications, fuel prices can sometimes be several days old. It all depends on how often users update prices.


Gas Guru is managed by and is responsible for providing users with information about gas stations, including addresses.

The application obtains the prices of the gas stations from the Oil Price Information Service and not from the data entered by the user.


GetUpside is an application that will allow you to compare gas prices at some 2,151 gas stations located in Florida. It also has a gasoline savings program in which its users can earn cash on gasoline purchases.

Source El Nuevo

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