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Mosquitoes are a huge nuisance when the hot season rolls around and you open the windows for the breeze. With these products you can forget about them once and for all.

As soon as the high temperatures arrive, the time begins when it is necessary to open the windows and let the air pass to try to maintain a temperature with which to exceed these months. It is also the time when mosquitoes “make a killing” entering through the windows.

If you are one of those people who every summer get rid of mosquito bites and you can’t take it anymore, you should know that there are remedies to end these insects once and for all.

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There is no definitive solution, if not ways to reduce mosquitoes from entering. Although the only sure way to keep them out is to close the windows, when June, July and August arrive for many it is not an option.

The life span of mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes is around one month. Normally we can find them between the months of May and October, but it is the hot months from July to September when they proliferate the most.

With these products you can forget once and for all the annoying mosquitoes and finally sleep peacefully.

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Xiaomi mosquito repellent

Xiaomi Mijia mosquito repellent for 8.19 euros

As always, Xiaomi surprises us with another of those products that it has in its arsenal and that although it is not officially sold in Spain, it can be imported from stores like AliExpress. So is the mijia mosquito repellent, one of Xiaomi’s affiliated brands.

This repellent has a pyrethroid mat, a colorless, fragrance-free insect repellent product. It also has a fan that distributes the product. It uses two AA batteries that last about 90 days of use. The basic version is designed for rooms up to 28 m3.

Ideally, install it close to where you are, for example, a bed or a table if you work at home.

It is very cheap, it costs less than 9 euros on AliExpress.

USB anti-mosquito lamp

Get the VZATT anti-mosquito lamp for 15.97 euros

One of the most interesting products you can find to get rid of mosquitoes in the most humane way possible is this type of trap. Is VZATT anti-mosquito lamp it is a trap designed to retain these insects.

It works by connecting it to a USB port on the computer, a battery or with an adapter to the electrical outlet. Its operation is very easy, it has an LED light that attracts mosquitoes and a motor absorbs them into a tank from where they cannot get out and they die. You just have to clean the base from time to time and get rid of these heavy mosquitoes.

You can get it on Amazon for less than 16 euros.

Ultrasonic repellent

Get 2 Ameauty ultrasonic repellants for 12.99 euros

As for mosquito repellants and other insects that are usually very effective in larger areas, such as large rooms or even outdoors, there are the ultrasonic repellents.

These products are plugged in and emitted at a frequency impossible to capture by both humans and pets such as dogs and cats. But the mosquitoes and other of their relatives do listen to it and tend to avoid that area.

As ultrasounds cannot pass through walls, it is best to buy one for each room or if the room is very large, even outdoors, put several.

This kit of 2 Ameauty ultrasonic repellents can be found on Amazon for 13 euros.

Mosquito trap lamp

Aerb anti-mosquito lamp for 33.99 euros

The solution to kill mosquitoes, especially in open or outdoor areas, is a lamp that shocks mosquitoes.

These types of lamps use ultraviolet light to capture their attention and when they touch it they receive an electric shock with a power of 4000 V. Although it can be used indoors, this is a good solution for outdoors or open areas.

Is Aerb anti-mosquito lamp It has a hook to hold it on the ceiling, a 360º interior accessible design and a base plate where all the mosquitoes fall that you can remove to clean it. It only costs 33 euros on Amazon.

Electric insecticide for the night

Raid anti-mosquito plug for 7.19 euros

The lifelong solution that has been shown to work the vast majority of the time is the plug insecticides. The colorless, odorless liquid heats up and becomes an aerosol that circulates around the room. Mosquitoes hate it and evade the area where that smell exists as best they can.

It is the cheapest solution that you can find in most stores and it is the best if you want to use it in several places throughout a day.

This electric insecticide from Raid costs 7 euros and will work for about 60 nights.

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