There’s life beyond ‘Justice League’: Snyder tells details of his next zombie adventure

Long before DC broke into the life of Zack Snyder to become the center of controversy, the director already had clear ideas. In 2004, he debuted in the direction with Dawn of the Dead. An instant classic of zombie movies that surprised by his good rhythmWell built, gore and personality. At the time, Snyder was a promising young man on Universal’s payroll, and the success of the film surprised both the studio and the public. Not only did he green the laurels of Zombies cinema, but he joined a whole new generation of filmmakers willing to use a certain authorial tone in his works.

The rest is history. The filmmaker’s next film was 300, with which he began his fruitful relationship with Warner Bros. A whole story of disagreements that ends – according to all parties involved – on March 18 of this year. The premiere of Justice League Snyder Cut, will be the last project – for now – of Snyder with the study, with what closes fifteen years of productions of medium to great success, including control of DC’s nascent and complicated expanded cinematic universe. Snyder thus bids farewell to a series of silent struggles for creative control of his productions, a long debate on the notion of the author in commercial works. All with a film that will mark a milestone on the relationship between the public and the product on the screen.

But life goes on beyond the Justice League and its conflicts. And that’s it Snyder has a new place to start filming. Netflix hired Snyder for what appears to be an astronomical undisclosed sum, and as if that weren’t enough it funded his latest film. Army of the Dead will arrive at one point indeterminate of the third quarter of the year to the platform. The project is apparently long-standing and by all sources is a flamboyant revival of the genre that made the filmmaker famous.

A project full of zombies for Netflix

This week, Snyder told Entertainment Weekly that, in fact, it was the production of the film that ultimately caused him to leave Warner. A version that contradicts the rumor that the second filming of Justice League was more than enough for the studio executives. Always according to Snyder, it was all about numbers and budgets. “They didn’t want to spend all that money on a zombie movie, and they weren’t taking it entirely seriously either,” he told the magazine. “I was like ‘hey, this is a lot more than a zombie movie,’ but they kept giving me off,” he explained. Something is true in the director’s version: for more than ten years, the title was in limbo of the incomplete Warner projects, and long after the considerable stumble that Snyder’s creative failure meant with the DC publishing world of cinema.

But we already know, with Netflix things are completely different and its strategy is based on knock-offs. So the investment in a director who will probably be the center of all attention for a few months, is more than justified. “We were in a meeting with Netflix and I was talking about some of these scripts that I was working on,” Snyder explained to the magazine. “I mentioned the idea to Scott Stuber and he said, ‘That’s the movie! Go write it and let’s do it! ‘ I immediately asked ‘what do you mean?’ and he answered ‘write it tomorrow and we will shoot in a week’, he insisted ”. For Snyder, who has been grappling with all of the Justice League problems, it must have been an eye-opener and a relief to start working on an entirely new project, and he was quick to obey the channel’s head of originals.

Netflix’s ambition on the table

Over the months, the project has grown in size and importance. Netflix produced an animated version of the Snyder story. Titled Army of the Dead: The Prequel, which in appearance will tell everything that happened before the events that the film will relate. Directed by Matthias Schweighöfer, it will delve into the rhythm of the story as well as the context of its characters.

For now, things are going smoothly for Snyder. The animated prequel is ready and waiting for a release date. For its part, the film – which is described as a combination of horror, comedy and a heist movie in Las Vegas – is one of the highlights of Netflix this year. According to the director himself, his script has “delved a lot into where and why the zombie plague begins.”

A surprise for lovers of conspiracy theories? Apparently the script includes an important nod to the classic Area 51.Let nothing be lacking, in this new Snyder adventure that we hope is the necessary vindication for a director who always manages to surprise his audience.

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