Twitch’s rival also has a carousel of popular channels that are currently active on her home

It also has a subscription and reward system so that the public can support creators.

However, the main servers for live-streams are spread across China, Singapore and the United States.

Thanks to the growth of the gaming industry, many sub-markets have also grown significantly feeding on this success. Perhaps one of the most relevant is live streaming, which has built an entire ecosystem of its own in content creation. In this industry, the brand that has managed to crown itself as the leader is Twitch, the giant now owned by Amazon. However, there is a rival in plain sight who could end his future.

According to Bloomberg, the tech giant Tencent has since March introduced a rival to Twitch, called Trovo. The platform doesn’t just take advantage of better integration with popular parent company titles like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. It is also looking to jump on other popular franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Destiny 2. Plus, it appears to have a user interface and functionality much like the Amazon-owned project.

In addition, the platform revealed a creator support program that aims to inject about $ 30 million to improve the content its community receives. Although he has not yet managed to add a massive community of followers, he began to attract the attention of some of the most relevant profiles on Mixer, Twitch and YouTube. The service is still in a beta testing phase, so it still has a lot to improve to be a threat.

The birth of the Twitch killer?

The past few weeks have been crucial for the live-streaming industry. Microsoft recently announced that its Mixer platform will stop working, leaving the market open to Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, meanwhile, is working extra to monetize its Gaming platform. For its part, in January, Google’s sister company made a multi-million dollar investment to obtain exclusive broadcast rights in esports.

Related Notes

It must be recognized that the Tencent project is, for the moment, little less than a nuisance for the giants of live streaming, especially YouTube. It is not for less, if you take into account that it is barely in a testing phase. In this sense, it is very understandable that it has passed under the radars of almost the entire industry. However, it has the perfect combination of factors to take on Twitch and beat it in the future.

And it is not to be forgotten that Tencent, the owner of Trovo, is a very relevant agent in the video game environment. It has an extremely broad platform through which you can promote this streaming platform. Not to mention that it also has pockets deep enough to buy the most influential figures on Twitch. So Amazon can’t take your eyes off you. A single false move could be deadly.

Additional barriers in live-streaming

Sure, Twitch doesn’t just have to beware of the « ghost threat » Tencent and Trovo present. Huawei has also shown some interest in the market, if at all as a tool to achieve other business objectives. Since 2017, Vimeo has tried to place itself as an alternate player in this sector, if a little more niche. Also Twitter, with the help of brands like Gatorade, is gaining influence as a serious new player.

On an industry scale, Twitch and rivals must also address other barriers to future growth. For example, Streaming Media notes that (as was made clear during the pandemic) there are still many homes that do not have sufficient bandwidth for an optimal experience. In Switchboard data, you also have to figure out good monetization systems. Nanocosmos believes that at the same time they should address the privacy issue that affects the tech sector.