Covid-19 coronavirus infections have caused many Mexicans to be in voluntary confinement to prevent the disease curve from increasing and this has caused many to use the Internet more for work, communication or entertainment. For this reason, the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) asked to make responsible use of mobile phone networks and data.

“Let us remember that we must make rational use of the networks because, like other supplies, as happened in supermarkets and as it happens in other sectors, the internet and data are a finite resource that we are all going to use in the contingency. Therefore, we all need to be aware that we are going to have to prioritize and make rational use of this data, ”said Arturo Robles, IFT commissioner.

Ramiro Camacho Castillo, IFT commissioner, noted that they are looking for mechanisms to avoid saturation of data and internet traffic in the contingency, as companies choose to work remotely.

“In phase (1) in which we are dealing with the coronavirus, we have identified different tools and different possibilities for operators to respond to these needs and based on what is determined as a priority as regards the phase of distribution of information or access to Official pages to all the work part will be evaluated “, mentioned Camacho.

The IFT announced that they are working together with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), through its undersecretary, mobile phone operators and the academy, to outline measures that guarantee the country access to networks and information before the contingency of the new coronavirus.

Among the measures analyzed to implement are the creation of emergency lines and information and text messages, both free services, as well as access to pages of health authorities at no cost so that users are kept updated on the situation of COVID-19 .

“At the meeting what was mentioned were the range of portfolios (measures) that can be useful for the Government and for users in the face of the virus contingency,” said Arturo Robles, IFT commissioner.

Robles recalled that mobile operators such as Telcel, Telefónica and AT&T have opened the option of free numbers and messages, this without users using their mobile data.

Another measure analyzed is the creation of an international group that would be made up of 22 nations and 19 regulators so that they can share experiences and the measures they have taken to guarantee access to networks.
Finally, Robles indicated that in the next few days all the measures that will be applied due to the contingency against the spread of the virus will be announced.