Now a couple of weeks ago, and coinciding with the Executive Committee organized by UEFA, From Radio Montecarlo it was said that the highest body in European football was considering the possibility of not using VAR technology when they return to their two continental competitions in early August. Especially the Champions League.

05/06/2020 at 10:16


Ramon Fuentes

As confirmed by SPORT, UEFA continues to work today on the idea and intention of applying this technology as it has been used this season until the competition had to be suspended last March due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Your employment is currently conditioned by the measures that are adopted by national health authorities, especially regarding the opening of airspaces between European countries. In this case among them those who are classified for the dispute of the maximum international club competition.

Because only this opening will allow in August, the month planned by UEFA for the celebration of the tournaments, that the opposing teams as well as the referees designated to whistle on the field of play and the VAR teams designated for these matches can move.

Once this occurs, the referee team will have the ok to move, either by sea or by air, in the same conditions as the teams. Once there, these VAR functions would continue to be carried out from the mobile units that would travel by road with the corresponding disinfection measures (ozone, etc.) of the space where these functions will be performed, in addition to the control and protocol measures that should be carried out. within it (more distances, partitions, previous test to all of them etc ..)

In addition, cAs we already had in SPORT a few weeks ago and in the event that mobile units cannot be relocated, UEFA may resort to using the VOR centers that the major leagues have in their countries for national competitions. In the case of Spain there is the VOR center of the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas. The appointed referees would travel to this facility where they would receive the signal for the match. Centers that will already be adapted and will have the necessary protocol measures to accommodate them, as we already have in SPORT regarding the VOR of the CTA.

In addition, as we already counted then, this would allow maintaining an equality criterion since this technology was already applied in the round-trip matches already played in March. And it does not seem logical that they did not do it in the remaining matches of this tie. Even so, everything will depend on how everything evolves in terms of the pandemic across Europe.

Permanent technical tests to the referees

Meanwhile, UEFA is conducting a technical, tactical and physical checkup on all referees., parallel to the one carried out by national federations as here in Spain the CTA performs. A check unknown until now given that the European collegiates have never been followed up so exhaustively outside of what is considered the competition phase or the different concentrations during the year. In addition to sending them the same game, as we already have at SPORT, to referee and send their decisions, they are sending permanent technical and tactical tests on situations on the field of play. They want them to be ready when they have to return to the competition