One of the measures that the Government of Spain has included in the Royal Decree of the state of alarm for the coronavirus has to do with the operators, and especially, with one of the services that until now they have been lending normally and that have to do with the commercial change of the consumers, that is to say, with the portabilities.

In this sense, the Government has expressly prohibited the possibility that users can change operators while the coronavirus crisis lasts, and while the state of alarm is in force, which after its approval for 15 days, it is expected to be extended for one month.

In this way, Royal Decree-Law 8/2020, of March 17, on extraordinary urgent measures to face the economic and social impact of COVID-19 sets forth in its article 20, after the obligation to telecommunications operators to maintain and guarantee the provision of the elements that make up the universal telecommunications service, the prohibition of carrying portabilities, with the exception of those that were in progress when the alarm state was launched :

While the alarm status is in force, extraordinary commercial campaigns for the hiring of electronic communications services that require number portability will not be carried out by electronic communication service providers, as it may increase the need for users to move physically to centers of attention to clients or to carry out physical interventions in clients’ homes to maintain continuity in services.

For this same purpose, while the alarm status is in force, all fixed and mobile numbering portability operations that are not in progress will be suspended, except in exceptional cases of force majeure.

As stated in the Royal Decree, one of the reasons for this prohibition has to do with the need that, in the case of fixed portability, a technician has to travel to the home, which may mean a risk to your health and for those of the domicile, as well as guaranteeing the continuous provision of telecommunications in a moment, that of isolation, which are more necessary than ever.

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