There will be contagions at the Olympics, they predict a great tragedy

There will be contagions at the Olympics, they predict a great tragedy | INSTAGRAM

The third wave of infections is reaching Mexico to many countries of the world with a new variant of the virus that has kept us from our homes for quite some time and that despite the vaccination continued to wreak havoc.

As surely you already know last year they were going to be carried out The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, however, they had to be canceled and postponed for this year, although before starting it was still being considered whether they should be carried out or not.

At the moment the athletes are participating in the different tests that make up this great event, to which the japanese They did not have the opportunity to attend even though the stadiums had been prepared and built exactly for that function of receiving visitors.

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Everything is to keep the participants and citizens healthy, since these new variations have affected young people in an impressive way and people who it was believed that they could not affect so much.

This time we will address a prediction that launched Moni Seer, in which he assures that there will be many infections in the competitions since despite the fact that they are using various protection and care measures it is very possible that the virus will break through in some way and even that it will lead the participants from different countries to return their houses.

This prediction was released and was also accompanied by other good news in which she assures that Mexico is going to do very well that it will win several gold medals and that it will even have the opportunity to win the Olympics soccer is a favorite sport in the country.

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So far Mexico has managed to win several medals, however the number predicted by the seer seems a bit far from reality.

At the moment we will have to continue waiting and supporting the participants who have made an effort and have come there on their own merits, because as we know there is not much support from the government for these participants and much less from the people.

Finally, the seer is sure that Mexico will be fine that we will do well, despite the fact that he considers that this will be one of the Olympic Games with more tragedies and negative situations, as well as what will be questioned by the mere fact of having been held in full p @ ndemia.

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