There will be a sequel to The Strange World of Jack, Through Sally’s Eyes

“We are simply meant to be,” says the last verse of the final song by The strange world of Jack, while the hands of the Pumpkin King and his beloved Sally intertwine to finally culminate that romantic encounter with a kiss. How does the story of these two lovebirds continue? That is something that for almost thirty years has been left to the imagination of the viewer, but no more. Through the printed format, Disney will give shelter to a sequel to the great animated classic produced by Tim Burton.

Disney Publishing Worldwide, the publishing subsidiary of the House of the Mouse, has put in charge of the North American author Shea ernshaw (The curse of the sea) the writing of a Juvenile novel whose plot will address events immediately after the film about the endearing skeleton that decides to appropriate Christmas. The forthcoming literary work still lacks an official title, but it is known that it will be narrated from sally’s perspective (the only common sense Halloween Town resident, in the eyes of Santa Claus).

According to Gizmodo, the novel will begin with Jack and Sally happily married and ruling the grimly enchanting land of pumpkins as king and queen. However, problems emerge when the rag doll accidentally unleashes an enigmatic villain who will become a danger to the population. Determined to correct her mistake, Sally embarks on an adventure that will see her visit the world of other festivities and (hopefully) get answers, not only on how to save Halloween Town, but also on her past life.

“This new book, written from Sally’s point of view, takes place shortly after where the movie ends. It is the love story yet to be told of Sally and Jack. But it’s also a coming-of-age story for Sally, as we watch her unfold with her new royal title as the Pumpkin Queen of Halloween Town, “Ernshaw explained to the outlet. “Hopefully it will give fans a long-awaited second dose of Sally, Jack and all the well-known residents of Halloween Town, while introducing a new cast of weird and shady characters, which I hope readers will love.”

And I add:

“In this book, I really wanted to explore Sally’s identity and better understand not only who she is, now that she fell in love with Jack and took on the role of the Pumpkin Queen, but also understand how your past has affected your present wishes, doubts, and dreams. What does a rag doll really want out of life? What are you scared of? And how much are you willing to risk to save your loved ones? “

Publication of the book is scheduled for July 2022. Meanwhile, they can relive the magical and dark experience of The Nightmare Before Christmas (original title) that they will find within the Disney Plus Latin America catalog.

the strange world of jack sequel

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