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In 2023 it will be fifty years since the premiere of one of the best horror films of all time: a feature film that became the maximum reference within the subgenre of demonic possessions and whose story is on the way to obtaining a continuation. News about it has been circulating for a long time, since we learned in December 2020 that Blumhouse was involved in a sequel project. However, now it turns out that it will not only consist of a film, but a film trilogy that will be closely linked to that original film of The Exorcist.

According to The New York Times (via), Universal Pictures recently acquired the distribution rights to “a new trilogy of The Exorcist” at a cost of $ 400 million. This confirmed that, indeed, there are three sequels that are currently being developed (together) by the production houses Blumhouse and Morgan Creek Entertainment. In addition, it seems that the entire trilogy will be written and directed by David Gordon Green, who since the end of last year is clinging to the director’s chair of the project.

Previously, Green and Blumhouse were responsible for Halloween (2018), a direct sequel to the eponymous 1978 slasher film. And curiously, in this case they were not satisfied with a single film and devised an ambitious trilogy that boasts within its cast to the Star actress of the 70s feature film: the one and only Jamie Lee Curtis.

In fact, the announced sequels to The Exorcist will also bring back a familiar face from the original film. In this case, it will be the Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn, who in the terrifying 1973 film played Chris MacNeil, the mother of a twelve-year-old girl who is possessed by a diabolical entity. The upcoming trilogy is reported to be about another possessed infant, whose father – played by Leslie Odom Jr. – will turn to the experienced Chris MacNeil for help.

Of these three next films, the first is scheduled to hit theaters in the second half of 2023. On the other hand, the second and third installments could premiere directly on the Peacock streaming platform, based on the provisions of the recent agreement. signed by Universal.

Between sequels and prequels, the film franchise of The Exorcist currently has five films, released between 1973 and 2005. However, it seems that – similar to what happened with Halloween – David Gordon Green and producer Jason Blum will ignore everything that has been done inside of the brand, with the exception of the emblematic first installment.

“I want to make a movie for people who know and love The Exorcist and who are furious that we are doing this, but will somehow crawl to the movies to see it,” explained the Blumhouse boss last month. «I want them to come out happy. And I want to make a movie that people who have never heard of The Exorcist really enjoy. I think David did it with Halloween and I think he will also do it with The Exorcist.

Directed by Green and produced by Blum, Halloween Kills will hit Mexican theaters on October 14, while Halloween Ends (the latest installment of this trilogy) so far has 2022 as its launch year.

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