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Resident Evil has evolved a lot throughout its more than 20 years of history. Although most of the changes have been for the good, there is no shortage of those who miss the sensations left by their imperfect, but classic, first installments. This is why a group of fans gave themselves the task of getting to work on a new game that returns us to this era of survival horror and incidentally brings a character that seems to have been forgotten.

This is Resident Evil: During the Storm, a project developed by fans that is built on the foundations of Resident Evil 2. In it you will put yourself in control of Kevin, a character we met in the Outbreak subseries, and you will accompany him in the events of the first days after the outbreak in Racoon City.

This means that your mission in Resident Evil: During the Storm will be to survive inside and outside the offices of the Racoon City Police Department. As you imagine, you will have to manage resources and also help survivors to prevent more lives from being lost.

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Resident Evil: During the Storm is coming to PC sometime in the fall of 2020. You can learn more about it from here.

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