There will be a new movie of The Pink Panther, with the director of Sonic

More than ten years after the last film in the franchise, a new installment is on the way, and it promises to be unlike any previous title! According to recent reports, Pink Panther and Inspector Clouseau will return to the big screen in a feature film directed by Jeff Fowler (Sonic: The Movie).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fowler will direct from a script by Chris bremner (Bad Boys Forever co-writer). As a production house is the Rideback brand, previously responsible for films such as Aladdin and The Great LEGO Adventure 2, both from 2019. In the production department, the names of Lawrence Mirisch, his father Walter mirisch and the famous Julie Andrews.

Remember that Andrews was married to the filmmaker Blake edwards, who directed and co-wrote the original The Pink Panther, released in 1963 and starring Peter Sellers. Walter Mirisch served as executive producer on that early film, and will do so again for the upcoming film relaunch.

The 1960s film introduced us to the inspector Jacques clouseau (Sellers), a bumbling French detective who is tasked with stopping a famous jewel thief before he steals a priceless diamond called “The Pink Panther.” This hit comedy was followed by ten other films around different Clouseau adventures, including the latest installments starring Steve Martin between 2006 and 2009.

On the other hand, the original Blake Edwards film also detonated the element that would become emblematic for the franchise: an animated pink panther which featured in the opening credits of the feature film, along with the unforgettable theme song composed by Henry Mancini. The unexpected popularity of that character made him the protagonist of his own cartoons, which reached television under the title The Pink Panther Show (1969-1978).

While the earlier films – focused on the incompetent Jacques clouseau– they always referred to “the pink panther” as a diamond (not a pink feline), it seems that the recently announced production will be innovative in that sense. According to THR sources, the story will focus on an inspector who, «After a traumatic event, he now has a pink panther for an imaginary friend» that will help you solve a police case.

Such a premise, in addition to being attractive, could anticipate a feature film that will merge animation and live-action. Therefore, after directing Sonic: The Movie, Jeff Fowler is presented as the ideal choice to bring this reinvention of The Pink Panther to fruition. Excited?

The Pink Panther Sonic: The Movie

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