There will be 120 more IMSS Bienestar hospitals, announces López Obrador


By the end of the current government, the number of hospitals in the IMSS Bienestar system, which serve the rural population and the most marginalized in the country, will go from 80 to 200, announced President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

From San Quintín, in Baja California, López Obrador announced that the health centers and hospitals that were equipped during the Covid 19 pandemic will be integrated into IMSS Bienestar.

Now that the effect of the pandemic, the contagions and especially that there are fewer deaths, we are going to the original plan, that all the hospitals that were equipped and that we are finishing, and even served to treat Covid patients, go be part of the IMSS Bienestar system, “explained López Obrador.

In 2019, the president made a tour of the 80 rural hospitals of the IMSS Bienestar, where he announced that they would be equipped, and staff would be hired and the required extensions would be made.

With this work done in parallel during the care of Covid patients, these health centers and hospitals will be integrated into Social Security.

Today he announced that from 80 IMSS Bienestar hospitals we will reach 200 IMSS Bienestar hospitals at the end of our government, “confirmed the president.

From San Quintín, Zoé Robledo, director of the IMSS, reported that the rural hospital in that town increased its offices by nine, reaching a capacity of 70 beds, and an additional 112 million pesos will be invested to acquire X-ray equipment, and the only CT that will be in hospitals of its kind.

In addition, the shelter for relatives was expanded by 30 beds and may become the best IMSS Bienestar hospital in the country.

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