“There were no hidden motivations”

The journalist Horacio Verbitsky apologized for the « exercise of a privilege », Alluding to having been vaccinated against the coronavirus in the Ministry of Health, a fact that he defined as a « serious error ».

« I assume without excuses the part that touches me and I accept all the criticism received, as well as I am grateful for the many communications of solidarity and affection. If I did it and, above all, if I later told it without anyone asking me, it is because I didn’t realize it was wrong, the exercise of a privilege« he wrote on the website The Rocket to the Moon.

In this way, the journalist made public his explanations about the fact that led to the departure from the Ministry of Health of Ginés González García and his replacement by Carla Vizzotti, who formally assumed the head of the portfolio yesterday.

« I owe explanations to all the readers of the Rocket and to those who have followed my work and my militancy for a long time. My vaccination at the Ministry of Health was a serious mistake, which I regret, and for which I apologize, » said Verbitsky.

In addition, the also holder of the Cels remarked: « There will be those who doubt. It is presumed that I always act rationally and hidden motivations are sought, that in this case they have reached delirious extremes, like it was a birthday present to Cristina, so that the government would get rid of Ginés « .

Verbitsky explained that he asked the now former minister if « it was appropriate » for him to apply the vaccine. « He told me yes and that I should do it at the Posadas Hospital, one of the three nationals, which depends on the Ministry. Days later I got my turn. »

However, he said that « hours before, from the minister’s private secretary » they told him that « A traveling team from the hospital would do it in the Ministry itself. »

« I should not have consented, » accepted Verbisky, who judged that « nothing » justifies his actions and even, « on the contrary, weakens » his « claim for equal treatment and special care for the most vulnerable. »