there was nothing strange about Cobrita Luna’s gloves

Juan Manuel Vazquez

La Jornada newspaper
Wednesday, November 18, 2020, p. a12

After an investigation into the gloves used by Yuliahn Luna, the new world bantamweight champion, for her victory over Mariana Juárez, the World Boxing Council (WBC) concludes that there was nothing anomalous on the night of the fight on October 31 in Cancun .

At the end of the fight, Barby Juárez claimed that there was something strange about his opponent’s gloves. With her face swollen, bruised, the fighter claimed that she felt the blows too hard, in an unusual way. For minutes it was confusion; On the ring, everyone stared at the gloves in astonishment without finding anything to support the claims of the charm.

Just to close this chapter, says the president of the WBC, Mauricio Sulaimán; here are the gloves of the fight. They have already been inspected and are intact. There is not even the slightest suggestion that they were tampered with; there are also the bandages of both boxers. Everything was checked. The case is closed completely.

While Sulaiman was making the announcement, he showed the white gloves without any trace of anything suspicious. The former champion never gave in on her accusations and until a week ago she maintained that there was something strange there, but without proving anything and without any evidence. The conclusion after the WBC review is final: there was no catch.

The new champion, Cobrita Luna, was excited to finally receive the belt that accredits her with the title and is relieved to remove any shadow of doubt about her victory.

For a moment I was afraid, but we did not lose our cool. I never disrespected anyone, said the new monarch.