“There was a very long queue, so abstention for loitering.”

While faces known as Aída Nízar, Karina, Fran Perea or Alberto Chicote have happily shared that they have gone to vote, there are others who have made it clear what their position is in these elections of the Community of Madrid in which they have not wanted to participate.

It is the case of Lucia Etxebarria, To who It has put back the long -but fast- queues at the entrance to the schools to avoid crowds inside by Covid.

This is what the writer herself said on Tuesday on her Twitter account and has stated that she will eventually choose not to vote, even though she was determined to do so: “Yesterday a friend convinced me not to abstain, and today I went to vote and in my neighborhood there was such a big queue that I have returned“.

“So I decide to abstain, but out of sheer laziness“, he has sentenced in his tweet, which has not been slow to receive criticism from people who questioned that his reason for not voting was not for ideals, but for laziness.

Etxebarria has gone further and explained that his first intention “was to put a purple brick in the urn”. “Are you really surprised that I abstain? On the PSOE list is a man who encouraged me to throw a brick and a woman who laughed and applauded when it happened. In the United We can list is the husband of that who also laughed. And in the one of More Madrid, one that is in favor of medicalizing minors, “he continued. “Tomorrow, When the right wing wins by a landslide in Madrid, remember what you did to us“.

“For better and for worse, I owe nothing to anyone except myself. So, If you don’t like what I do with my vote, it’s your problem but not mine, “he concluded with a final tweet.