“There is no more propitious time to unite than this”

Pedro Sánchez, before his speech yesterday on pardons. (Photo: JUAN MEDINA via .)

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, affirms that, beyond the disparity of opinions regarding the pardons granted to the Catalan independence prisoners, “the reasons for the future must prevail over the references of the past. The moment is now. There is no more propitious moment to unite than this ”.

In an article published in today’s edition, Wednesday, in the newspaper El País, Sánchez points out that the pardon that the Government granted yesterday in the Council of Ministers to the nine convicted in the process who remain in prison “is part of that trajectory It is democratic and is supported by no other reason than the recovery of harmony and the reconciliation of citizens ”.

The Executive has resolved that there are “reasons of public utility that advise granting these pardons,” adds the Chief Executive.

The pardon, clarifies the socialist president, “neither questions nor revokes the final conviction. These are partial pardons since the pending prison sentence is commuted, but the disqualification sentences for all those convicted are maintained ”, which is why it affirms that“ there is conditionality ”.

It appeals to the spirit of the 1978 Constitution that was known at the time as “de la Concordia” which literally means “with a heart”, says Sánchez. “Our reasons, our arguments, are none other than the public utility of this measure of grace and have to do only with the reestablishment of that harmony and coexistence, both in Catalan and Spanish society,” says the president of the Government.

He is aware that it is a difficult decision, made “with the determination and the assurance that …

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