‘There is no longer talk of fraud,’ says López Obrador after the electoral process

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He congratulated himself because after the electoral process, there is no talk of electoral fraud, although he acknowledged that he did there were irregularities in some areas of the country.

Now I am very pleased that at least they are not talking about fraud or state elections, because they do not have elements. So, it was really important and the most outstanding thing was the participation of the people, the vote of the citizens was respected, “said the president at his press conference this Friday at the National Palace.

He said that before electoral results and the number of complaints On the part of the political parties for the elections last Sunday, those whom he calls his “adversaries” have no elements to allege that there was a state election.

The president begins this Friday a tour of Guerrero and Oaxaca, where it will evaluate urban improvement works and construction of rural roads.


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