There is no freedom for Eleazar “N”: he will continue his trial in the North Prison for attacking Tefi Valenzuela

This afternoonAfter a second hearing between Eleazar “N” and Tefi Valenzuela in one of the oral trial rooms, located in the Doctores neighborhood of Mexico City, it was determined that the actor was not granted conditional release that he is accused by his ex-partner for equated family violence.

Contrary to what had been broadcast around 3:10 p.m. this Thursday, in this second hearing it was revealed that the actor must continue with his judicial process in the North Prison, despite the request “for suspension of the process” made untimely for Eleazar’s defense, after two weeks in which he was kept in prison after hitting, biting and allegedly trying to suffocate his then-girlfriend.

The hearing began this Thursday at 2:00 p.m. and after more than an hour of face-to-face mediation between the victim and the accused, the judge reached a resolution that did not benefit Eleazar, whose lawyers were seeking the power to continue the process at home.

And is that the judge did note released the actor, who has not obtained a pardon from Tefi. This decision of the Mexican judiciary was determined after the petition of the plaintiff’s defense, who requested the suspension of the process under various conditions.

In this way, it is presumed that Eleazar will continue with his process in the Prison, where he will have to wait for his next hearing to be tentatively held on January 6, 2021.

(Photo: Instagram by Eleazar Gómez) (Photo: Instagram by Eleazar Gómez)

Hours before, Jaime Carvajal, lawyer for the Peruvian singer and model, had already anticipated that Eleazar’s defense would request the release of his client under certain conditions:

This hearing that requested the defense of (Eleazar) consists of requesting the suspension of the process so that he can be released with certain conditions, among them, submit, accept the condition of the wrongful act, submit to a series of tests, what the judge determines. It is a benefit that the accusatory system that exists in our country gives them, requesting this measure, ”explained the Law Degree for the program Come joy.

It transpired that upon leaving the courtroom, Froylán Díaz, the actor’s lawyer, refused to issue statements to the press about not obtaining his client’s freedom.

At the moment, Tefi Valenzuela, who refused to grant forgiveness to his attacker, has not spoken. It transpired that in this second hearing for which Tefi had to travel from Miami, where he flew for labor issues, the model and her defense provided all the elements they have in their hands so that Eleazar’s freedom did not occur, since The Peruvian remains firm in the decision to reach the last consequences in the case.

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