There is Kailani !, Aislinn Derbez and her daughter soften the networks

¡Hay Kailani !, Aislinn Derbez and her daughter touch the networks (Instagram)

There is Kailani !, Aislinn Derbez and her daughter soften the networks | Instagram

Kailani, daughter of Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann She has melted Instagram with tenderness thanks to her mother, who decided to record an epic moment of the little girl and share it with her followers.

Today, the beautiful actress shared on her Instagram stories a very personal moment in which her daughter Kailanni is eating and started the debate over a bib.
Aislinn Derbez decided to question her daughter about why she does not want to wear a bib and little Kailani did not hesitate for a moment to answer mother like a graduate.

You have to wear a bib, can you explain to me why you no longer want to wear a bib? Asked the beautiful Aislinn Derbez to her daughter.

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Mauricio Ochmann’s pretty daughter pointed out to her mother in all seriousness that she no longer wears a bib and that she no longer uses it because she is a big girl.

I am a big girl, I don’t wear a bib anymore, Kai told his mother.

The recording allows the two-year-old to be seen as a product of the actress’s relationship with Mauricio Ochmann sitting and eating, a pink plate and a sippy glass are visible on the table. While mom and daughter engage in conversation, Kailani is eating by herself as the big girl she claims she looks very beautiful with her light eyes and long hair.

Apparently Eugenio Derbez’s daughter found the situation very funny and decided to share it on the famous social network with an emoji of herself crying with laughter and the phrase “Do you want to explain to me why you don’t want to wear a bib?”

The beautiful Kai has always captured the eyes of since her birth, first for being the daughter of two handsome celebrities, who were considered one of the most beloved couples in the middle of the show and the other for their beauty and charisma.

The beautiful granddaughter of Eugenio Derbez always appeared smiling on social networks and it was something that really melted the followers of these celebrities. The cute Kailani Ochmann Derbez She has also become famous for being a member of the Derbez family and not having the enormous resemblance that her mother and uncles have with Eugenio Derbez, everything seems to indicate that the beautiful Kai is more like father.

From a very young age, Kai has been quite a little explorer, because this blonde has traveled to different parts of the world as mother and father when she was still a few months old, for the famous couple her little girl was never an impediment to travel.

What if it was a real scandal was when it was revealed that the beautiful actress and the protagonist of El Chema ended their relationship.

His followers have been fascinated by the way they did it and the love and respect they always show for each other; In addition to being apart, they usually keep in constant contact and even go out together to share quality time with their daughter. For both it is more than clear that Kailani is their priority and they maintain a beautiful relationship for her.

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José Eduardo Derbez, brother of Aislinn derbez He pointed out that his marriage ended as exposed by his family reality show De Viaje con los Derbez; for his part, Eugenio Derbez exposed that Aislinn did not want to divorce.

Despite the fact that it has been a difficult process for the couple, there are those who assure that the beautiful actress is already rebuilding her life and has a love affair.

Mauricio Ochmann has also been linked to beautiful women after their separation; however, nothing that has been verified so far.