Miguel Ángel Revilla is one of the usual faces of the political gatherings of ‘laSexta noche’. The Cantabrian President is a great defender of his land and precisely because of an error related to it, brought out the colors to the program during his speech on the night of June 20, assuring that they had committed a confusion between Santander and Cantabria.

Iñaki López and Miguel Ángel Revilla in ‘laSexta noche’

In relation to the hotel where he was making the live connection, Revilla commented that during the advertising break he had received calls from « number of outraged people« for an error in a label: » I think you have put Las Anclas, that the hotel is correct, as well as the Shipyard, but in the Santander parenthesis. Santander is the capital of Cantabria« corrected the president.

« It is a job that I have been doing for 43 years for this land to be called Cantabria, » explained Miguel Ángel Revilla. Iñaki López, jokingly about the ruling, assured that « the corresponding corrective » would be applied to the culprit: « Don’t worry that there is a torture rack that we have here specially prepared for circumstances of this type and today we are going to apply it. There is no doubt that there has been a mistake, Michelangelo, I apologize to you and the Cantabrians. It is already corrected ».

In defense of Cantabria

After the presenter’s apology, Revilla indicated that he had not seen the ruling, but that « people these things …« If it has cost us since 195 years before Christ, imagine that since we finally got the name back, that now there is a turning back … It took a lot to get it out« , defended the president of the community.