There is a Spain with Busquets and another without him


On at 09:23 CEST

Sergio Busquets reappeared to show that he is essential in a Spain that without his assistance had drifted through the group stage of this European Championship.

The Barça midfielder offered a game display that It was worth being chosen MVP of the meeting. With its unrivaled ability to bring continuity and spark to the creative game, the one from Badia premiered his captain stripes to change his face to the Spanish team at the most committed moment.


Yesterday it was clear that there is a Spain without Busquets and a very different one with him. Of course, much improved. Hence, when on the eve of the start of the tournament his positive for coronavirus jumped, Luis Enrique had it clear. I was going to wait for the Barça midfielder as long as necessary.

Not for a moment did it occur to him to replace it and send it home. Time, how could it be otherwise and we all knew, has proved him right. Spain has gone from comparsa to being once again one of the great favorites to win the tournament. And all, by work and grace of the magic baton of Busquets. The blaugrana completed 70 minutes in which he offered a whole recital, before being replaced by Thiago. Positioning, anticipation, speed of movement of the ball and leadership. Above all, leadership in a team that Sweden and Poland suffered, among many other things, of references. With him, they shone Pedri, Koke, Sarabia … and Eric Garcia, which proved to have Barça DNA to start the game from behind.

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