There is a new thousand peso bill: Banxico reveals the design of the Revolution and it goes viral

According to Banxico, the design of the thousand peso bill was approved by the Governing Board since 2019

Then the production of the new paper money also began, of which more than 40 million copies have already been issued.

Before this design of the Revolution, in the middle of the anniversary of the birth of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, the one of 100 pesos was revealed with the poet

As part of its “update” plans for banknotes circulating in the country, the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) a few hours ago released the images of a new design. It will be for the paper money that will be used, from now on, for the denomination of one thousand pesos. The design in question was inspired, at least on the front, in the historical period of the Mexican Revolution, whose 110th anniversary is celebrated tomorrow. But that is not all.

On the reverse side of the banknote, as in other designs of the G family, there is a design that refers to the biodiversity of Mexico. Specifically, it has an image of a jaguar, superimposed on the ancient city of Calakmul, as well as a ceiba tree. According to El Universal, it is a historical edition, since it is the first time that two women appear on paper money. Specifically, with Francisco I. Madero, Carmen Serdán and Hermila Galindo.

According to official information from Banxico, it also has new badges and security features, part of the reason why new bills are constantly being presented. In addition to a dynamic thread, which changes its image according to the perspective of the view, it also features touch-sensitive reliefs. It will also have a watermark, a folio with increasing fonts, and even the inks will fluoresce when exposed to dark light.

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