Can you imagine that George R.R. Martin would not have wanted to present everything that happened in Westeros with real actors? Well this almost happened. The writer recently spoke about his failed plans to develop a Game of Thrones animation..

The previous revelation came to light thanks to the rediscovery of a report from the Seven Kingdoms blog (via Gizmodo). As part of this information, it is mentioned that in 2015, the famous author responded to an online comment from one of his followers, who asked him if he ever thought about making a Game of Thrones animation. Martin’s response was as follows:

« Yes. And very often. In fact, one of the movie deals I turned down before HBO was from a heavyweight animator. Interestingly, I could have accepted the offer… I was about to… until an executive I was supposed to be meeting with did not show up for our scheduled lunch to discuss his approach. Then I received an apology, but standing there prompted me to say no. « 

It is striking that the animator she refers to is never mentioned, but since she says that she is quite important in the middle, the question remains as to which company raised its hand for the task. Maybe one day a concept art will be released or something like that.

The closest we have come to a project in which technique was used to tell a story set in the Seven Kingdoms was the short film The Dance of Dragons – Histories & Lore, which featured the voices of various members of the original cast. of the series.

Likewise, something that is known by the fantasy fan community is that at some point they flirted with the idea of ​​turning the saga into an anime serial, but in the end it was not decided to follow this plan either.

After all, had it not been for that forgetful (or simply rebellious) top executive, perhaps one of the best-received shows in the history of the small screen would not exist. Plus, those awesome hyper-realistic dragons wouldn’t have been seen in an animated movie..

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