“There are things that saturate me”

Ylenia Santana has been one of the revelation characters of the last decades of television after its controversial discovery in ‘Gandía Shore’, the first reality of MTV Spain. However, after many comings and goings on the sets of Telecinco, the native of Valencia disappeared from the small screen without giving an explanation to the viewers, but it is back and even with its own section in the radio program ‘Yu, do not miss anything’.

Ylenia Santana in ‘Yu, don’t miss a thing’

After participating in the MTV program, Ylenia signed for one of the most remembered editions of ‘Big Brother VIP’, where she endured a whopping fifty-three days. After his expulsion, it was common to see it in different spaces of the Mediaset chain with appearances and disappearances that were related to his health, as he stated in one of his last interviews: « Everything came very big, I had to go home« , she sentenced while sitting in ‘Saturday deluxe’.

The radio program ‘Yu, don’t miss anything’ has brought back the queen of « tiki tiki » to the surprise of its listeners: « I am very happy to return« The Valencian woman begins by saying. Unsurprisingly, the program’s collaborators have not been able to avoid asking her why her appearances and disappearances are due: »There are things that saturate me and, sometimes, I need to reset« Ylenia confesses to Ana Morgade. This comment is in line with previous statements where she affirmed that she was surpassed by the world of television.

Ylenia arrives with her own section

Very much in line with the content of her section, the also former participant of ‘GH Duo’ wanted to share some advice with the listeners: « Do not stress about the train that passes once in a lifetime, there are buses that pass every 20 minutes « , he said in clear reference to his professional life. Be that as it may, Ylenia arrives with an office capable of helping to the followers of ‘Yu, don’t miss anything’ in their day to day to make their routine more enjoyable.