What things! The rich have much more to choose from …

The cars worth more than a million euros they abound in the market … although you probably wouldn’t have realized it if you don’t see yourself able to choose between them. But you should know that it will be easier to find one of these than any other car below 18,000 euros

The guys at Carbuzz have drawn up a list in which they have realized this fact and although they take the United States market as a reference, you can also apply it to the European market. For example, they found that for 18 cars under $ 20,000, there were 32 models with seven figures on their label.

Although it is said that the market is the boss, you will understand that this does not mean that there are many camouflaged billionaires walking by our side, but rather that the manufacturers of luxury cars listen to their customers and those of the more ‘conventional’ vehicles, yours.

And that is why this great difference occurs: in the American case, customers spend around $ 36,000 (about 30,492 euros) on average when buying a car and, for that reason, they are increasingly launched on the market more affordable cars.

Well, the same thing happens with cars over a million euros; If brands like Lamborghini or McLaren know that someone is willing to pay for their creatures 7 figures instead of six, and in exchange get more personalized and special cars, they will raise the price without thinking about it.

It is true that in Spain, the average budget is significantly lower than the United States. According to a study by DriveK, in 2019 it was around 23,500 euros. But this figure grew by 3.1% compared to the internal year, which indicates that the market is increasingly demanding more and that the trend is upward.

This article was published on Top Gear by Rebeca Álvarez.