Yesterday I ended the day reflecting on the remotely future possibility of an iPhone that could be connected to a base or Dock to boot a full version of macOS and display it on an external monitor. I admitted and I admit that it is something that can happen, but that in the short term it is unlikely. However, a filter with the alias Mauri QHD on Twitter appears to have data on just that.

Apple would be working with prototypes continuously to improve the concept but they would already have two options ready to choose one as the final product. The release date depends on the progress of other related projects, which the source claims to believe with “95% confidence” while warning that it took three weeks to gather the information.

A hybrid part on which to boot two graphical interfaces

The iPhone would not have two partitions in its storage to be able to boot iOS and macOS separately: apparently there would be a common system basis with which to use the graphic interfaces of both systems. It may be something similar to what we already see with Samsung Dex, but more advanced and optimized.

The same source leaked something very similar but with an iPad and not an iPhone a few weeks ago. Back then I said that it is a project with which Apple has been working for years:

Of course, keep in mind that these are leaks that come from Twitter. My colleague Eduardo has reviewed how the history of failures and successes of the past can be seen, so we have to treat this for what it is: a rumor. But the fact that it is already circulating in the form of filtration implies, as I said yesterday, that it is not something impossible.

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