The median age of COVID-19 infections is 44 years (Video: SSa)

The Ministry of Health (SSa), reported this September 16 that in Mexico confirmed deaths because of coronavirus (COVID-19) add up 71,978 and what’s up 680,931 confirmed cases accumulated.

It also recorded 24,428 active cases, that is to say, those positive cases that started symptoms in the last 14 days and that have a higher viral activity and consequently an increase in transmission and that must remain at home or go to a hospital depending on their condition.

They were also counted 79,622 suspects (785 less than yesterday) and 785,019 negatives out of a total of 1,545,572 people studied nationwide.

Mexico City continues to record most of the accumulated cases in the country (Photo: Claudio Cruz / .)

The five states with the highest number of accumulated infections distributed by entity are: Mexico City, State of Mexico, Guanajuato, Nuevo León and Veracruz, which together make up 41.3% of all cases registered in the country.

For his part, the capital continues to concentrate most of the accumulated cases of the country since by itself it represents 16.8% of all registered cases by residence entity.

Regarding the entities with the highest number of active cases, Mexico City has 4,334 cases, followed by Guanajuato with 2,144 cases, followed by Nuevo León (2,048), Estado de México (1,709), Jalisco (1,459) and Yucatán (1,019). All are entities with more than 1,000 active cases and that together account for 52.4% of active cases in the country.

Mexico City concentrates the highest number of deaths and infections in the country (Photo: . / File)

By calculating estimated active cases, the SSa reported that the incidence rate of active infections estimated by entity, is greater than 70 per 100,000 inhabitants, in Baja California Sur and Mexico City.

The agency also reported that the trend of deaths is higher in men with a median age of 63 years.

Regardless of how business activities are increasing in the different entities of Mexico, las people suffering from diseases such as: diabetes, hypertension, morbid obesity, kidney failure, lupus, cancer, heart and respiratory diseases, as well as transplants, adults older than 60 years of age, pregnant people and those who are in charge of taking care of your daughters and sons under 12 years old; must stay at home.

The American continent is the one with the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world (Photo: Europa Press / Ricardo Castelan Cruz)

It also recommends the SSa keep a healthy distance, in case of having contact with people outside the nuclear family, that is, being at least 1.5 meters away from each other.

Preserve the protection and care of the elderly; the most important measure is the voluntary social isolation of the elderly and follow the recommendations for healthy distance and prevention measures if visiting the elderly.

Meanwhile, the Pan American Health Organization (OPS) reported this Wednesday that the mortality rate caused by coronavirus (COVID-19) increase in some areas of Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Bolivia.

Although the sanitary confinement measures have been lightened by the epidemic alert semaphore, the authorities recommend citizens to keep a healthy distance, wear face masks and wash their hands (Photo: . / José Méndez)

“Mortality rates are also increasing in some areas of Mexico and we are seeing similar trends in areas of Ecuador, Costa Rica and Bolivia, where deaths from COVID-19 continue to rise « said Carissa Etienne, Director of PAHO.

“This is a stark reminder that countless people in our region remain vulnerable to infection, especially large populations that have not yet been exposed, ”he added.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), America is the continent with the highest number of cases, accounting for 14,903,891 of which, 86,570 were registered in the last 24 hours.


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