There are already 131 million cases of Covid-19 in the world; USA the most affected

The pandemic of Covid-19 has again added more than half a million in the last day cases worldwide and the global balance is already close to 131 million cases, with the United States, Brazil and India being the countries most affected by an emergency that continues to leave record levels of contagion in some areas despite the start of the campaign vaccination.

Johns Hopkins University had confirmed until this Sunday at noon 130,893,813 cases and 2,848,207 deceased, while more than 74 million people have already overcome the disease.

The United States, which has managed to contain its data after the maximum levels of early January, nevertheless remains the most affected country in total figures, with more than 30.6 million cases and more than 554,000 deaths.

Behind are Brazil, with more than 12.9 million infections and some 330,000 deaths, and India, with about 12.5 million cases and more than 164,000 deaths. Both countries would be in full escalation of infections, according to data released by their respective authorities in recent weeks.

For its part, Mexico is the third country in the number of deaths, with more than 204,000 victims, although it is in fourteenth place in the number of infections globally.

France, Russia and the United Kingdom They are over four million cases, while between three and four million are Italy, Turkey and Spain. In the range between two and three million are Germany, Poland, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico.

Between one million and two million infections include Iran, Ukraine, Peru, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Chile and Canada, while Romania, Belgium, Iraq, Israel, Portugal, Sweden, the Philippines, Pakistan, Hungary, Bangladesh, Jordan, Serbia, Switzerland and Austria are between half a million and a million infections.

Morocco, Japan, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have confirmed between 400,000 and 500,000 infections, while Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Panama, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Ecuador, Belarus and Kazakhstan have detected between 300,000 and 400,000 cases.

On the other hand, in the range between 200,000 and 300,000 cases are Georgia, Croatia, Nepal, Bolivia, Greece, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Ireland, Kuwait, Moldova, Denmark, Slovenia, Paraguay, Lithuania, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Egypt.

Finally, in the group between 100,000 and 200,000 infections are Armenia, Guatemala, Honduras, Qatar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Venezuela, Oman, Nigeria, Libya, Bahrain, Burma, Kenya, North Macedonia, Albania, Algeria, Uruguay, Estonia, South Korea, Latvia, and China.

China, the country where the pandemic originated, has 101,829 infected and 4,841 fatalities, as the university’s balance sheet concludes.

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